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Intel QuickAssist: How to install driver in CentOS 7 Linux

7/29/2019 3:47PM UPDATE: Sorry guys, the first upload got messed up by YouTube transcoding. I’ve deleted it and uploading again to see if that fixes the …


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Lập Trình Linux
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  • i am trying now to install this on Centos 8 , how to finde intel driver for Centos 8 ?? i tried this on centos 8 , show s 0 qat

  • Nice technology. Thanks for the video. I am looking forward to seeing how it can be used with BSD (FreeNAS)

  • Months ago, I found it on ebay for $100. Quick buy and now currently sits in my pfsense 2u supermicro box running IPSEC vpn with up to 50Mbit compared to AES getting 20Mbit…ish. The driver install for pfsense was a pain in the butt.