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Introduction to Advanced Bash Usage – James Pannacciulli @ OSCON 2014

Broad introduction to Bash features for users who want to go beyond simple command execution. Covered topics include builtins, keywords, functions, parameters (arguments, variables, arrays, special parameters), parameter expansion and manipulation, compound commands (loops, groups, conditionals), and brace expansion, with a special note about Bash session portability at the end!


Conference Page with Full Abstract:

This talk was presented at OSCON 2014 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon.

Thanks to OSCON (O’Reilly) for allowing me to give this talk and for the friendly speaker terms allowing me to publicly post this recording.


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Lập Trình Linux
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  • "advanced"

  • Great presentation. Although his delivery is just like the comedian Steven Wright, which is funny, because he isn't.

  • Such wonderful things you have shared with us..even though video is relatively few minutes,took hours for me to gasp major content.. thanks for your effort

  • cd HAS a man page

  • This is a nice summary for all bash users and gives a great overview over its features. Well done!

  • I've been programing with Bash for two weeks, and even I can see just how powerful these tips are.

    I guess that the presentation was for advanced users, so I admit that the pace is far too fast for me right now, but that's the beauty of video. I can pause and take the information in, or code with the example onscreen, then unpause. Thank you for the knowledge!

  • question: the loop examples: is he loading them out of a file, or where does it come from? thanks in advance

  • Such a nice presentation ! To the point & right on pace

  • Thanks SIR!

  • Gran vídeo. Si buscas algunos códigos más que te ayuden en tus programas, puedes encontrarlos aquí: http://brisktopia.com/BmV3

  • nice, thank you

  • I found this video extremely useful. I am creating a cheatsheet based on the commands from this talk as practice and for future reference. You can find it on https://gist.github.com/projectivemotion/dc6f9b4e6241910c3d5c026a84988b7b

  • Great vid. Thank you!

  • thanks. very informative.

  • so much content! thank you

  • how to make a while loop in terminal?

  • James,
    Really useful slides & well paced presentation!

    You mention "not logging into this account for some time", do you have another YT/Vimeo account where you host more material like this? It was really good.

  • thanks.

  • echoecho

    Author Reply

    Saw it on reddit r/linux. This is really a great intro to bash.

  • It's so sad to see GNU/Linux infection splitting through community. Hearing it being pronounced GNU/Linux feels so cringeworthy. What exactly do these people see is the benefit that they are bringing to the table to the world? I can't think of anything other than some salute a recognition towards GNU and FSF? I do respect them, but I do not respect their attempt to change what most world knows as Linux to some cumbersome GNU/Linux.

  • excellent presentation

  • James, slides link broken :(, would appreciate

  • Thank you sir , great stuff.

  • Great stuff for beginners in one shot.

  • Good review, until memtop…


  • Nice introduction, thank you.