IU ft. SUGA (BTS) – 'Eight' (Prod. by SUGA) Lyrics Color Coded (Han/Rom/Eng)

IU ft. SUGA (BTS) – ‘Eight’ (Prod. by SUGA) Lyrics Color Coded (Han/Rom/Eng) by Hansa Creative


Song Details:
Artist : IU ft. SUGA (BTS)
Title : Eight
Album Title : –
MV Link :


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  • انا كوبي جديد.

    للمعلومه انا ولد 👀

  • cool

  • I really like IU's voice and suga's rap💜💜

  • If I listen this song I really change my mood to happy and cheerful I really love this song and I hope there is more I REALLY LOVE IT I appreciate it too❤️😊🥰💜💜

  • I really love this collaboration

  • Poor kookie 🤣

  • suga SANG

  • حساب البنت الي ترجمت للعربية @faya522 ادعموها 💜.

  • Queria que o suga tivesse cantado Mais a Iu cantou mais q ele … fora isso perfeito

  • I made an amv on this song because I love it.. plz go check it out❤😭

  • Im happy for the both of them , but at the same time i felt the pain on the lyrics 😭😭💔 ms.sulli i miss you so much 😭💔

  • according to the behind the scenes its like she lost all her memories and this song is named eight because she and suga from Bts are twenty-eight years old and she is on a journey to find her precious memories, anyways great song

  • ….


  • this song came out same day that my baby sister was born may 6 2020

  • This sounds like its out if a KDRAMA or THE kdrama LOVE ALARM or anime 😭💜💜💜💜

  • حساب المُترجمة العربية💗. @faya522

  • @faya522. Account of the arabic translator girl 💗.

  • الي يبي حساب المُترجمة علىٰ الانستقرام ذا هو @faya522

  • فاياا💗💗.

  • Faya 💗💗.

  • Im not a big fan of iu im just a fan of iu i like her so much but this song is very very sad im crying when suga
    Helped her my 💜 is happy but IU lost her friends its just sad 😭😭😭
    Uaena and army here 💜

  • What waa that whispering at 1:21 ?Sexy a%

  • Guys please help Uaenas to report an account on Instagram called IU_HATER. It’s making threats to kill Iu. Please help us

  • Euphoria vibe 🧡🧡🧡

  • Bruh I’m crying this is good

  • So hearttouch lyrics

  • "I think i've lost everything"
    "Everything comes at will and leaves without saying goodbye"
    "After each other's eternity. I'll see you on this island again"
    "It's not easy to forget a span of memories"
    "We lay on each other and tell a sad story"
    "There's no depressing ending, I'll see you in this memory forever" "Forever Young"

  • ILoveow suga

  • Suga’s vocal here is a bit different and awesome they did awesomely this song is good