Jason Momoa Ripped the Last Pages Out of Amber Heard's Books on the Aquaman Set

Amber Heard talks to Jimmy about starring in Aquaman and her co-star Jason Momoa’s pranks on set.

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Jason Momoa Ripped the Last Pages Out of Amber Heard’s Books on the Aquaman Set



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  • She’s disgusting

  • I don't like her anymore 😔😔 getting all crazy with johnny.

  • she just got her first loss in court handed to her, evil witch

  • AnnAnn

    Author Reply

    Why is she still showing up with her stupid face? She is not even that pretty. Angelina Jolie, Michelle Pfeiffer Jennifer lawrence doutzen Cruz and the list goes on and on before she comes in. She is average. She is more like an ugly version of Charlize Theron or something. She can just thank make up and lip filler for the rest. Let's see what she is left with in 7 years from now when karma comes to get her for the insults she made to JD about his age. I don't see her walking around people screaming her name when she is let's say 56. Who is laughing then? I am not ever going to see any movie she is in ever. She deserves to die alone and ugly as she is. This is an abuser, double standards here people.

  • El diablo no siempre es feoh loko

  • When will A.H. face any kind of backlash from mainstream media for her shameless false accusations against Johnny Depp? Johnny has provided hour's of video and audio recordings and ton's of emails that clearly show, that it is A.H. who is the abuser, NOT Johnny.
    I find it disguting that because she is a woman, all she has to do is accuse Johnny, no evidence, no nothing other than accusations, and he gets fired and loses millions of $'s, while all the evidence in the world that she is in fact lying, has no impact whatsoever on her career.
    A.H. is a toxic abuser, and she needs to go away ASAP.

  • She is disgusting.You can see the way she talks and her eyes are moving constantly to different directions…what a fake.How could Johnny be so blind all this time 🙁

  • More than a princess she's a narcissist, world class manipulative liar that should not be on that seat!!!!!

  • All I can see is her cheek fillers.

  • White privileged women

  • EhsanEhsan

    Author Reply

    That bitchy woman had no right to take away Pirates of the Caribbean
    from us

  • Amber Turd

  • Liar


  • You can see the cheekbone implants from here. Yuck.

  • I don't see Amber the same way anymore…only a lying abusive snake

  • This piece of shit deserves everything that’s coming to her. #BoycottAmberHeard #JusticeForJohnny

  • Warning: you will not see a solitary good word about this guest.

  • She’s ugly, has a horrible voice, can’t act and abuses people- She should be making license plates in prison.

  • Ewww I see a fucking bitch

  • 2:02 oh shit you better sue his ass

  • Look at her nonchalantly dissing Jason Momoa. Sure, she presents it in a apparent 'nice' way, but really, she's not. She says he's allergic to being ignored and will annoy her when she is peacefully reading. That bitch is like an open book.

  • This bitch better not be in part 2.

  • DerekDerek

    Author Reply

    Two fake people interview each other…

  • Everything she says/said seems a lie even in a normal interview #FU you psycho bullied woman

  • psychopath bitch who destroy legend actor johnny depp