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Kali Linux 2017.1 Installation + VMware Tools on VMware Workstation [2017]

This video tutorial shows Kali Linux 2017.1 installation on VMware Workstation/Player step by step. This tutorial is also helpful to install Kali Linux 2017 on physical computer or laptop hardware. We also install VMware Tools (Open VM Tools) on Kali Linux 2017 for better performance and usability features such as Fit Guest Now, Drag-Drop File and Clipboard Sharing.

1- Download Kali Linux 2017.1 ISO
2- Create Virtual Machine on VMware Workstation/Player
3- Start Kali Linux Installation
4- Install VMware Tools (Open VM Tools)
5- Test VMware Tools Features: Fit Guest Now, Drag-Drop File and Clipboard Sharing

Kali Linux 2017.1 New Features and Improvements
Kali Linux is a Debian-based distribution which features several security and forensics tools. Kali Linux 2017.1 features drivers for RTL8812AU wireless chipsets, improved GPU support and there are now Azure and AWS images of Kali Linux for cloud instances. Kali Linux 2017.1 brings with it a bunch of exciting updates and features. As with all new releases, you have the common denominator of updated packages, an updated kernel that provides more and better hardware support, as well as a slew of updated tools.

Hope you found it informative and useful. Any questions or comments are welcomed.

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  • Thank you for the awesome walkthrough! I couldn't figure out where I was messing my install up. Cool music choice, too.

  • CoopsCoops

    Author Reply

    When I try to install VMware tools, it tells me that the package can be found. And the internet connection is working.

  • pls help my kali linux old version is instaled how to make new version

  • work correctly

  • i swear, all these videos are competing over who has the shittiest music.

  • it says unable to find the package when i try to install open vm tools desktop

  • i can't drag files from host to vmware machine

  • This ISO file work in which type of processor????
    And this installation is must need to CD disk???????

  • What is the default username and password?

  • Is workstation 12 free now?

  • thank's bro

  • ra rara ra

    Author Reply

    I failed at grub boot loader


  • Thanks for your video it's perfect!

  • is it necesary to give it 60 GB space

  • unable to install vmware tools from the manage tab. so i've been left with out much optio but to try open vmware tools from the command line and it seems the normal usual rolling repository isnt helping out because i get unable to download and a whole lots of error text.my question is whats the appropriate repository address?,

  • a lot of people can have this error when try to use the commands apt-get update, and apt-get install.
    sometimes there is a problem with this directory /var/lib/dpkg/
    E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock – open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)
    E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/) is another process using it?

    you can solve with this: https://askubuntu.com/questions/15433/unable-to-lock-the-administration-directory-var-lib-dpkg-is-another-process

    thanks man, really works.

  • you saved it as an iso file. My computer only allows me to save as RAR or ALL FILES???? HELP

  • Hey guys, first it's a nice video 😉 2nd can you give me some good sites where you can learn the "basics" of this programm? Thanks

  • its failing at the installing the system stage why !!!!!!!!! 🙁

  • Worked perfectly fine, thank you very much!

  • do download vmware for linux or windows im on windows bruv

  • Help 🙁
    This host supports Intel VT-x, but Intel VT-x is disabled.

    Intel VT-x might be disabled if it has been disabled in the BIOS/firmware settings or the host has not been power-cycled since changing this setting.

    (1) Verify that the BIOS/firmware settings enable Intel VT-x and disable 'trusted execution.'

    (2) Power-cycle the host if either of these BIOS/firmware settings have been changed.

    (3) Power-cycle the host if you have not done so since installing VMware Player.

    (4) Update the host's BIOS/firmware to the latest version.

    This host does not support "Intel EPT" hardware assisted MMU virtualization.

    Module 'CPUIDEarly' power on failed.

    Failed to start the virtual machine.

  • Excelent!!!!

  • Thanks mate +1 sub

  • Thanks bro really your is best of all other videos

  • i want to know if my system type is 64 bits what is the type of kali linux 64 bit or 32bit and thanks

  • I would like to make it my only os I have an old laptop that I'm interested in trying with

  • Do I have to pay for vmare to keep this?

  • Sir reply me fast me plzzzzzzzz this prob anyone answer how to fix
    End kernel unable to mount root fs how to fix plzz tell

  • why linux downloads to me in rar???

  • my files are files are which im downloaded and installed tools are automatically deleted
    when shutdown helpme please in kali linux

  • man thanks, nice flow of steps and i dont remember that username too.keep up with your work


    Author Reply

    Linux Video Tutorials
    I am downloading the file, but I have my doubts when opening it because the size is 3.09GB and the file directly from Linux is only 2.08GB. Could you please help me solve the question? / The video is excellent.