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Kali Linux 2019.4 Installation Guide and Preview

In this video i will show you how to install kali 2019.4 linux operating system in a very easy way for your laptop or desktop computer.
I will also show you how to download kali operating sytem and create a bootable usb after that i will do a complete installation and do a little preview of the kali operating system.


and you will also need a empty usb flash drive the capacity or size should be 4gb or up.

If you have any questions about this video please comment below or visit me at my site apkheavens.com also if you feel like it you can like and subscribe but only if i helped you in anyway. thanks for watching i wish you a great day.

I will also try out kali undercover into windows 10 operating system that you can do only on version 2019.4 of kali linux operating system.

Nguồn: https://ftlinuxcourse.com

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Lập Trình Linux
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Lập Trình Linux
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  • Finally!!! thanks to you I managed for the first time to install Kali Linux. For many years ago I had tried to install it, but I had not found such a simple and detailed guide. Thanks a lot

  • Bro what is the password bro

  • windows will be deleted ?

  • Loving the music as much as the vdo. Thanks dude!

  • Using this kali is install as a main os as we normally use Windows?

  • I have hp omen and when I install Kali linux all seems to work after login but after about a minute my whole computer freezes. Any ideas how I could fix this, is it the nvidia driver? I installed kali 2019.4

  • you are the best

  • great music
    great tutorial
    thank you dude

  • Hello. I can't get kali on full screen any solution?