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Kali Linux – KDE Plasma Ghost Theme

Make your Kali Linux Supercool using KDE Plasma Ghost Theme ||Cybernix

if you want to use the same wallpaper then Download it from the following links :-




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Lập Trình Linux
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  • Man ,my speed is UPTO 100 kb/s , but urs is great

  • Wallpaper is not available

  • Brother where are you from

  • There is a browser?

  • Size of that theme??

  • What type of Kali Linux OS is that? it has that type of side desktop bar on left of your screen? and no bottom default bottom desktop bar, nor work station boxes on above bar either. So…..care to tell what kind of Kali Linux OS that is or not?

  • awesome buddy

  • Missing WiFi sign from panel can't connect to my network 😓

  • thanks man looks amazing

  • getting error
    E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.

  • Hey man i finished to install ghost plasma and i have a proplem wheb i want to open any folder i have its show me (doliphn ) and its not open it like home Dir and trach Dir …. what i have to do

  • Reading package lists… Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information… Done
    E: Unable to locate package kde-plasma-desktop
    how to fix this

  • previous issue fixed 100%. now i can't find network manager in plasma i just can't connect to either wireless or broadband help me please.

  • What is the song, please? 🙂 the link doesn't open anything.

  • please i cant find the application launcher that show system settings i can only find tweaks and it doesn't have workspace theme and many more help please how can i get application launcher that you use


  • amigo disculpa la molestia tengo un problemilla y es que ya esta todo como en el video pero quiero abrir el gestor de archivos para buscar unas musicas o cualquier otro archivo pero no me abre el gestor de archivos simplemente carga y ccarga y no abre cabe recalcar que solo pasa en el escritorio kdeplasma cuando ingreso con el escritorio normal de kali que es gnome si puedo abrir es gestor de archivos que puedo hacer ayuda

  • amigo instale como sale en el video pero al momento de reboot el pc no aparece el escritorio kde plasma segui saliendo gnome como puedo hacer espero vuestra ayuda

  • My pc is 1 gb ram can i install it!
    I have not tried it yet i have asked my friend to download me kali linux.

  • Thanks for making this video..
    plz reply mee.

  • Like this https://youtu.be/PkK2dx5V3CA

  • How to fire up terminal while closing

  • super cool bro 🎆