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Kali NetHunter Rom – Hacking OS Used By Mr. Robot

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Hey guys in this video i will show Kali Net hunter 2019 2020 mobile os used by hackers like mr robot
Kali nethunter for Many Android phones
Kali Linux is a Linux distro made for security researchers for penetration testing, but is also used by hackers since it is jam packed with hacking tools. It is regularly featured in Mr. Robot since it is the hackers’ operating system of choice.
The Kali NetHunter is an Android ROM overlay that includes a robust Mobile Penetration Testing Platform.The overlay includes a custom kernel, a Kali Linux chroot.


Download Kali Nethunter For All Supported Phones :-
Download this Recovery :-
Download this Gapps :-
How to install :-

Best Phones to Root And Install Custom Roms ( I used them in my videos )

Redmi note 7 pro:- or

Oneplus 6:-
Oneplus 7 pro:-
Oneplus 7:-
Redmi note 4:-
Redmi note 5 pro:-
Redmi 6 Pro :-
Oneplus one:-
Pixel 2 xl :-
Pixel 3:-
PocoPhone f1:-

Pixel 4 OS Android 10 :-
Lineage os 17 Android 10 :-
Android 10 Gsi For All Phones :-
My Android Setup Live Wallpaper :-

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  • Don't Install the rom you don't need nethunter. There will be tons of bugs and you are going to void the warrenty of your device. You cannot hack any wifi because its not easy, you can get a encrypted password file aka handshake good luck bruteforcing that with your 4 core arm cpu it will take months. and if you want to hack wifi use wpatester or something that takes advantage of WPS. but now days no one truns wps on because its rather not secure. its really not useful to install nethunter in your phone