Lập Trình Linux

Kernel Basics

This lecture is a beginning explanation of the kernel that looks at where the system’s kernel(s) & modules are located and by demonstrating where to get and how to explore the kernel source code. This lecture does not attempt to teach how to properly build and install a custom kernel nor does it go into extreme detail on how the kernel operates.


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  • kenken

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    Very nicely sized chunk of information, well presented, thanks. I will be watching more of your vid's.

  • is anybody getting missing module() problem??

  • excellent illustration of Linux Kernel. Appreciated Jason !!

  • why i missed being here in 2013 !!!

  • Amazing production and really easy and simple to follow along. Thank you, this is great.

  • Although it's an old video, I really liked it. Thank you, Jason.

  • Can you speak up sonny? Yer a bit low on my end.

  • Great video. Wow. Aging well! 6 years old. Cheers geek. Well done.

  • How does one learn how to build a file system and device drivers quick for added bus cards for hardware like Rasp or Beagle Bone.

    One sees all of these HAT's and plug-in cards for different platforms but no code for a lot of these hats. The only HATS that work well is the Arduino. Rasp does have drives but they are weak; Beagle drivers are even harder to find.

    Plugging in a Hat like an FPGA Board and writing a driver for this — How does one start? Few things on the Net; Most Videos lead you into a direction but not to completion. Too complex. One needs lots of classes and help. Local Programmer would be nice.

  • Can I installed Linux Kernel v2.6.34 on Ubuntu 16.04?
    I tried to installed following all these steps but I encountered with the errors mentioned at https://askubuntu.com/questions/1138758/linux-kernel-v2-6-34-compilation-error-on-ubuntu-16-04. Your help will be highly appreciated.

  • Awesome video man, thanks

  • thank u jason,very cool

  • तेरी माँ की chut randi के बच्चे bahen के lode सुवार के biz bosdike माँ choud duga teri tal लगा कर

  • isfkisfk

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    33 people here like Windows instead.

  • thanks!

  • Thanks for taking the time to deftly explain this. Short and sweet and I mean that in the most professional way possible. Subscribed. Looking forward to more, or anything else you're interested in making videos about

  • TonyTony

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    Man, you should narate all you tube videos,

  • Around 4:45 or 5:00 you mention in a previous upload you had explained how to view the kernel and all its associated modules located in /lib/xxxx… Can you link us to that upload? Thanks

  • This video is gold! Thank you very much for making it

  • This is great! I work with Linux everyday as I am in networking but basically I see the kernel as this thing that's too scary to play with. I really don't want to break things on customers networks! I might start poking around for fun though! Thanks!

  • Excellent Video

  • Thank you

  • Can I use any distro with any Linux kernel?

  • so how to add it to the bootloader after install? video didnt show that…

  • Fantastic. Thanks for your time. I am starting watching now but I already know its gonna be good!

  • thx bro, you really understand what are we looking for.
    your job, if itsn't, is a teacher.

  • Good video. I think I disagree with the characterization of the kernel as an "I/O manager", this was an apt characterization of MS-DOS and perhaps early Unix (the PDP-11 didn't start with a hardware memory manager). Running a memory management scheme like virtual demand paging has little or nothing to do with I/O, and indeed the basic idea of a microkernel is to avoid putting I/O into the kernel itself. I would prefer to characterize a kernel as a hardware management system, or better still, as a layer over the hardware that changes it from orientation to a specific hardware to and abstract model associated with that kernel.

  • Ex-cel-lent)) Thank you Jason Wertz for my baby step for understanding how my pc works)) Linux 4Ever!!))

  • Thanks alot

  • Thanks im trying to understand linux kernel and android system to develop a custom rom for android

  • leoleo

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    Can you do a xorg.conf tutorial?

  • leoleo

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    I wish i knew that you cant use modules of a different kernel before i fucked up my system

  • Thank you so much, awesome video

  • thanks, nice explanation

  • Very succinct.

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  • How did you Ubuntu terminal on your computer?

  • ooh

  • Can I build a new operating system for cell phones with this kernel? I don't like android !

  • Thanks for sharing this with us. I am new in this area and I love to learn more about linux. Please keep making these videos.

  • You have by far the tutorial/instructional Linux videos. Super informative and clear so it's easy to grasp the concept. You should seriously think about teaching as a profession.

  • How can I check using the command line if libncurses5-dev is installed?