Kingdom | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

In a kingdom defeated by corruption and famine, a mysterious plague spreads to turn the infected into monsters. The crown prince, framed for treason and …


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  • Modern day zombies are boring tbh. I want to see a zombie apocalypse set in the wild west or medieval times

  • This story is the same as Thailand now. So sad

  • season 3 pls

  • This dramas is spectacular

  • Muy buena serie y excelente actuaciones. Te deja intrigada.

  • Where the Koreans at? I mean like this is a Korean drama/series after all lol

  • I love custome design, so many variations. Very well done series.

  • i hoPe coRonA doSent tuRn peOple liKe thAt

  • (entering Jeon-Jihyeon) "Holy Shi*"

  • SUPERB!!!!

  • i thought this show would be boring without guns & cars & modern stuffs, boy was i soooo wrong, this show is even more amazing & fresh compared to The Walking Dead. While TWD dont really focus on answering how them walkers were there, this series even tell the origin of those zombies, making the zombie apocalypse setting relevant while focusing on politics and fighting between humans. Truly masterpiece I loooove it!


  • Korean movies and TV shows are so impressive, the cinematography, the soundtrack, the editing and makeup etc..
    Keep it up guys

  • Man this show is epic it makes any other American shows look like crap

  • This show is f@cking amazing.

  • Sanaol may Netflix

  • Season 3 pls

  • Waiting for season 3

  • Wow this Is an amazing show

  • This is best zombie tv show or movie ever created simple 10/10

  • Waiting for season 3!!!!! But Wheennnnn??!!

  • Game of thrones with Kungu action ,no nudity ,no sister fuckers and dragons

  • Why do Korean in this film sound cool like Japanese voice

  • Who's watching this due to under quarantine and need to stay home because of the corona virus outbreak?

  • Highly recommended drama. Waiting for Season 3..

  • Fresh new zombie series.. love it..

  • Im watching this during coronavirus..,!:&:@?&)&(£?!:/@?@)&

  • The buzz recommends me this

  • The buzz recommends me this

  • Zombierona virus once upon a time!

  • Is this a metaphor for COVID?

  • Totalmente recomendada 👍👏👏👏👏❤️ excelente serie👏👏👏


  • First time I watch this season
    I though it trash but after watching it,i kinda like it

  • Wow, for a korean series, this is to cinematic.

  • Before I continue Episode 3, can anyone explain why they did not just burn all the first 48 infected during daylight, instead of locking them up in the clinic with bamboo spears? I mean it's possible with all the bamboos the man cooker gathered.

  • Any idea when the soundtrack is coming out?

  • Still better than the Game of Thrones season finale, they should have directed G.O.T.

  • The father of the queen is the Cast in Miracle in Cell Number 7 .He is Ryu Seung Ryo.

  • This Looks Identical To Korean Movie "Rampant "

  • Please Netflix, make season 3!

  • Netflix's best offer so far.

  • Please NETFLIX INDIA dub this Show in Hindi. Indian really need to watch this Show.