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Learn Kali Linux Episode #3: Basic Terminology

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In this lecture we will cover some of the basic terminology used throughout this course.

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  • hocam türkçe dili gitti lütfen tüm derslerinze ekleyin

  • its phising not fishing

  • do tutorial about bufferover flow

  • hey thanks for the course! just one question, if i am use kali linux i can only hack someone in lan or wan too? for example, if i am using my college wi fi it would be a LAN right? but if i decide to hack someone in portugal for example then would be a WAN right? how that could be done?

  • When checking the certificate of a fake site, can’t they just forward that request to the real site and relay the response so the person connecting doesn’t see anything out of the ordinary?

  • I find that hackers are terrible teachers. You and computerphile are really the only channels that make it somewhat relatable to the newbie.

  • First i was hacking on my phone with termux

  • "or something of a kind"

  • These are not linux terminologies.

  • Or something of a kind, no hate, thanks for this course

  • 0:26 why the fuck you lying why you always lying😂😂

  • 10:04 – Aren't Mx records for the mail server?

  • So DOS is server overloading ?

  • Phishing not fishing

  • 👏👏👏👍

  • You are wrong about FUD. FUD is a social engineering term that stands for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.