Leipzig vs Tottenham 3-0 – All Goals and Highlights 🔥 Resumen y Goles 10/03/2020 – From The Stands

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  • WHAT A MATCH!!! Drop a Like For RB Leipzig vs Tottenham 2020 ! 👍⚽🔥

  • Sabitzer is a champion

  • Fan de tothenam

  • mourinho outh

  • Clicked on here to view highlights of the game and its just the opening part before the game misleading!!!

  • Capaz de ganar la champions? Lo creo

  • I feel sad for totenham😢😢😭😭

  • WTF is this?

  • let s see the positive side..now mou doesnt need to worry about his players gettin tired anymore..

  • una mierdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa de video

  • Is over Mou.

  • I very like rb llipsk


  • Leipzig better team. Leipzig deserved. Totenham bad team.

  • A sus mamas

  • Finale Champions League Atalanta Lipsia( dream ☺👍)…..Schick the best player ex Sampdoria..👋👋👍ciao ciao dà Luca di Genova Ita sponda Quagliarella

  • Loris has the coronavirus

  • At least Poch made it to the final.

  • lamela..pls pass

  • Pre-2007 Mourinho, Wenger and Benitez were elite managers. League trophies and CL finals were almost the norm. These days Mourinho is as likely to win a PL or a CL as the other two. Give him any club and any budget. His time has passed. He spent 380m at Utd and never got close to Man City or the CL final. Referring to his past glory is about as logical as saying 'Wenger is great because he was invincible in 2004.' Look at Dalglish; a league winner with Liverpool in 1990 and with Blackburn in 1992, totally behind the times when he came back in 2012. The past is the past. Since his league win with Chelsea in 2015 he has been fired twice. And while he brought Utd the League Cup and the Europa League, it's not what they paid his massive salary for and not what they spent 380m on players for. The squad he left behind was shocking.

    People will say give him time, give him a couple of transfer windows, wait for players to come back from injury etc. These are all fair points but fast-forward to this time next year and I'm pretty sure it will still be doom and gloom for Tottenham. Levy should have refreshed the squad year by year under Pochettino and Spurs might have some trophies by now, instead of an ageing squad with very little depth and a has-been manager that only succeeds with record spending.

  • Watching this video is a complete waste of people's time.

  • Report please, clickbait

  • NO FAN

  • The announcer tho