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Linux cat command summary with examples

The Linux cat command, or concatenate, is the easiest way to manipulate input and output, and print text or files to the screen, with cat examples and cat syntax. FactorPad Linux Essentials playlist covers your first 100 commands with examples.

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Lập Trình Linux
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  • New in July 2017! Find all of the code examples on our website. See link in Description.

  • A quick follow-up on standard input, standard output and standard error.  In interactive console mode the defaults are keyboard, monitor and monitor; respectively.  Also, if it isn't interactive, meaning in a script, then you'd likely want to send standard output to a file instead, right?  Also, you'll see these abbreviations: stdin, stdout and stderr, or in number form: 0, 1 and 2; respectively.  I hope this helps!  -Paul