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Linux Desktop Wallpapers: Where I Get Them

The script:

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  • Yes this script works great – hard to believe Midfingr died the week following this vid – he is missed!

  • RIP thank you for the videos.

  • Hey MId, when I run ".scripts/interfacelift.sh" it says "no such file or directory". I know the file is executable because when I run "/home/kiwi/scripts/interfacelift.sh" it works. so why didnt it work when I ran ".scripts/interfacelift.sh"

  • Cool script, still works after all these years lols

  • I thought you were the type of guy that like pretty little flowers such as the forget-me-nots.

  • Hi Dan, already tired of plasma 5? Or it has not been your main desktop recently?

  • Thanks for this.
    Newbie question – when I run the .sh I need to use "bash interface.sh" at the command line. When I try "interface.sh" like you did it says command not found. The sh is owned by me, and is allowed to run as program.