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Linux Explained in 2020: Just What is The Linux Kernel?!

Here’s an easy to understand explanation on how the term “Linux” is used both technically vs culturally, and what someone usually means when they talk about the family of Linux-based operating systems.


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  • Thanks man, keep up the great work.

  • its gnu not ganu

  • Thank you.

  • Nice video with proper commands and configuration files .. keep it up

  • So I guess Windows is also a kernel, it functions the same way as Linux. Windows loads after a BIOS hand off, just like Linux. This also seems to indicate an operating system doesn't actually exist??? Hmmmm… I'm missing something here.

  • So if it's loaded first then it's actually linux/gnu 😛

  • linux is not a kernel,it's kernel plus applications plus vt and translated program like bash plus file system to be work as a system.A system need regulated space to write and read data and that's file system.

  • I mean what is gnu? Its the stuff made by the gnu project so KDE is technically not GNU while GNOME is. Wayland is not part of GNU. Pulseaudio is not part of GNU. Also its the one who makes tve distribution that decides the name of it

  • Only 4 videos in 5 years?! Well, that's 4 more than I've made 🙂

  • I hope your channel can become something great. I'll be keeping an eye on it. Good Luck.

  • try linux mint bro

  • As I was playing with LibreOffice Impress to familiarize myself with the animations I made a much lower quality vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEBaAcvBzRU that ended with this graphic http://imgur.com/gallery/w6oxQ to visualize to composition.