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Linux – Rename, Move, Copy and Delete Files (mv, cp, rm)

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Renaming, moving, copying, and deleting files in Linux command line is easy. Renaming files uses the same command as move. As an administrator if you do not own the files you are interacting with you may have to add sudo to the beginning of the command to give yourself the required privileges.

Rename Files

mv file file2 – to rename a file use mv command followed by original file name, space and then new file name

Move Files

mv file folder/file – to move files use mv command followed by original file name, space and then new location and file name. BE CAREFUL because you can move AND rename a file at the same time.

Copy Files

cp file file.bak – to copy a file use the cp command followed by the original file, space and name of copy.

Delete Files

rm file – to delete a file use rm followed by file name
rm file file.bak – to delete multiple files use rm followed by file name separated by spaces.
Note: you can use wild cards for the remove command to delete multiple file. Such as rm *.bak . BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THIS!


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    mv: cannot move 'test' to '/Documents/test': No such file or directory


  • What's with the dislikes? It's a solid tutorial for people who are new to this kind of thing.

  • How do you create your own binaries (like cp, mv, rm) without using " ./ " to execute them but using only their names ?

  • No.

  • I already know all these but I still watched the video to pay homage to old Eli style video. Warm memories of happy days

  • why do you not make use of the ctrl l function?

  • im running Ubuntu 18.04 and when I give this command I have to omit the forward slash. it will then move the file in question but with an error MSG. "mv: cannot stat 'folde' : no such file or directory" why might this be going on?

  • Eli is a tech neck, a red neck into tech 🙂

  • Vim user and proud.

  • Thank you for the vid!

  • Interesting!!!

  • thanks for your assistance