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Linux Sysadmin Basics 02 — Basic Commands

This video covers the ABSOLUTE BASICS of the Linux command-line. You’ll learn the basic commands for moving around the filesystem and doing basic tasks in the Linux shell (command-line). We cover:

pwd — How to see which directory you’re in.
ls — How to list stuff in a Linux directory.
cd — How to change directory in Linux.
mv — How to move and rename files in Linux.
rm — How to remove files and directories in Linux.
rmdir — How to delete directories in Linux.
touch — How to create an empty file.
mkdir — How to create a directory in Linux.
man — How to get help in Linux: “manual” (help) pages. SUPER IMPORTANT!!

By the end of this video, you should be comfortable with the basics of the Linux command-line!

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  • This hurts. This hurts so badly. I have been using linux for like 8 years, even worked like an embedded C programmer where I was using mostly linux and I still have not learned to use "man" command. OMG. Thank you very much

  • Hi Mate you definitely have the teaching knack brilliant video and correct speed, thanks a lot.

  • I want that notification sound!

  • I'm studying English with you,I can also learn Linux,haha

  • That beginning bro! haha cool and thanks!

  • GladiGladi

    Author Reply

    ive watched many tutorials already and youre the first one to show the command 'man' …thank you so much! googling linux issues always leads to nowhere for me…

  • Amazing instructor

  • How do read the file after it is in a directory, my file is test.txt running cat test.txt after putting it in my directory gives an error

  • not bad

  • This looks like DOS 2.0 or does Des DOS 2.0 look like this?

    rm -rf / would make a great t-shirt

  • Dave, I am David. David's are the best. Thank you for your videos

  • What's with the black square on the video?

  • now I know that if you'll ever be my interviewer, that I'll only need to say that Deus Ex is the best game ever made and I'll get hired

  • thanks by the way-this stuff is gold

  • quick (probably stupid) question; why would you need to 'ignore nonexistant files'?

  • Where do I get the Virtual Machine of the Linux you're using?

  • Deus Ex the Original first one is the best.. JC Denton Approuve that and screw Unatco

  • hahah YES. deus ex. got so many people interested in technology and linux, 🙂 JC, there asking for you out in Hong Kong, you NEED to do this mission and DONT MESS IT UP hah. good times..

  • So far, every single person that does these tutorials that I've looked at refers to the Terminal as the "Command Line". Such confusion (especially for Windows users), but here's the clarity:

    Terminal is literally a program window into the CLI, or "Command Line Interface", which can be any number of different login shells, including the most common one, BASH (Bourne Again SHell).

    In all technicality, these terms ARE NOT interchangeable in testing for Linux +, etc. so please be aware of the distinction.

  • lol "man man" -universe breaks

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    give mechanical keyboards a try.

  • MihaiMihai

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    A man of culture, looking at deus ex 😀

  • can please share the Text Sound 17:48

  • 24:48
    but it is


    rm -rf –no-preserve-root /

    To delete all the files and directories on my system.

  • I always thought cd was call directory

  • God damn the clunkety clunkety background noise that's louder than your voice is irritating.


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    thank you, for this. im currently starting off in your tutorials (and of course, im on this lesson), and plan to complete them! again, thank you

  • Hi guys I'm new to linux so i'm watching these channel, by the way it's awesome and easy to undrestand more then other videos, and these is my problem : every time i enter $ls / it tells me permission denied , wht should i do then ?

  • The greatest videogame ever made? Do you have a single fact to back that up?

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    Your poor keyboard LMFAO!

  • Thanks man

  • Hmm. The first three seconds gave me the urge to install Deus Ex again, which I had to resist. As they say: every time you mention it, someone reinstalls it.

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    Great video but jeez can your keyboard be any louder 😂