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Linux Sysadmin Basics 05 — Package Management with apt-get

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Basic package management with Debian’s apt-get command-line tool. We cover:

apt-get install
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
apt-cache search

I also cover the basics for more advanced use: adding PPAs (Personal Package Archives)–essentially third-party software repositories–and looking at /etc/apt/sources.list and how it’s structured to manage your repositories.

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  • etc cat/????? That black square.

  • get rid of that black square I cant see what you typing!

  • 0:15 – The reason why i'd like to marry you.

  • in 2019 you can use emacs26:
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kelleyk/emacs
    sudo apt-get install emacs26 -y

    if repository from video (ppa:cassou/emacs) dont work, remove it with:
    sudo add-apt-repository -r ppa:cassou/emacs

  • VI for the Win!!

  • Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge with us. Big respect. Though I am not new in Linux but still learning from your videos =D by the way I have a question about emacs. You took this video 2014, maybe that time emacs was safe but now when I want to install it, getting a warning that it is not safe. Confused a little bit 🙂

  • I must say you rock dude! Thanks for supplying this thunder to the down under!

  • I can't install tmux. I am using Ubuntu 13.10 in Virtualbox

  • I like apt list and apt show to query packages over apt-cache search. Actually learned that on Termux!

  • Hey, do you know why I get error as below when I execute 'htop' ?

    bash: htop: command not found…
    Similar command is: 'top'

    top command works fine though.

    I have red hat 7

  • i wanna know what is your favore it linux

  • this is a great video, however, I would have loved to see you actually edit the sudoers file. I am sure it is further on in your videos, just a personal pref.

  • Can anyone tell me which video to skip to where I can hack Candy Crush?

  • So you are fan of Sam and Max Adventure point and click game…I am too. Zork, Myst, Sierra games, classics

  • Thank you for these videos.

  • If you forget to write sudo before command that requires root privileges you don't need to retype whole command. Just type in the terminal
    $ sudo !!
    It will run last command with sudo. No need to retype long commands 🙂
    Have nice day everyone!

  • Thanks for the perfect tutorial.
    Can you also do a short video on how to build packages from source and where they would finally be installed and their path. And commands like make, cmake, make install etc.

  • I've been studying Bash in a Google IT Support Specialist course run by Coursera and also have been watching your excellent Linux Sysadmin series to fill the gaps and reinforce what I've learned. Now, I've come across the apt vs. apt-get command difference. I realize your video series is 4 years old. Have you switched over to using apt rather than apt-get nowadays? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it and the difference between the two in a real world work scenario. Thank you sir!

  • how can i use wifi connection on both windows and virtualbox ?

  • what salary should i be able to expect if i am able to do all of the stuff in your 51 videos so far ? provided that ppl would hire me

  • Thank you man. Have run linux for 7 years but have little knowledge of the fundamentals. Hoping to get a job asap. You're helping alot.

  • am I the only one that keeps seeing the little black squares that magically appear where you are typing? Not sure it's your fault, but still annoying, I've noticed it on almost all the videos up to this point..

  • Thank you for these videos. You are awesome. Two issues though:-

    1. You mouse black box sometimes hides part of what you are typing.
    2. Most of the time you are at the bottom of the screen, if I pause the video, then the Youtube controls popup and hide what you are typing.

    Could you kindly stay on the top of the screen most of the time. lolx. I know I'm being an azz right now. But for future videos this is kind of like feedback on your video style. I know you can't do much about that now. The video is already made.

    I missed out the part where you wrote;-
    > cat /etc/apt/source….list.
    source__?__list. Is there a word in the middle ? The mouse was covering that part and then you hit enter and a whole new other screen comes up. Never mind i saw it in your video description.

    Again I really appreciate what you are doing for us students. You are amazing.

  • Dude your videos are awesome!

  • What is that black square whci keeps getting in the way of your command line?

  • I've been going through the tutorials and this was the first one that confused me (Only because I'm using CENTOS distro to learn) Applied this information to YUM and with the help of the MAN page I was able to follow along. 🙂 Thank you Dave.

  • Why use apt-get and not apt? Apt-get is meant to be a backend utility, whereas apt is meant to be the front end for the package manager, and surely using the front end would make more sense?

  • grep word ./* awesome

  • Thank you Dave… very useful. Could you please update HEADLINE to Linux Admin (Ubunto/Debian)… I was looking for RedHat Linux and I completed 10 topics and then I got to know this is only for (Ubunto/Debian).   Will the Redhat Linux allow to use apt_get for package management?  If I learn the above topics, will it cover even for RedHat Linux…..Please advise.

  • OMG what is up with the black square??

  • thanks

  • great job on all of these videos so far im a 22 year old wanting to get good at this new discovery what do you recommend?

  • By chance have you done any redhat/centos specific tutorials . Like for all the other vids it is basicallu the same but this was different. Still great videos thanks.

  • Sam n Max was one of my favorite games growing up. Point and Click adventure games like Day of the Tentacle and Monkey Island were infinitely more fun than today's games

  • I have been following your videos for Learning LINUX & you are simply awesome! Thanks a ton for putting such a well made video series !
    Where do I see the packages that I have installed through command line in the GUI , I mean in which directory ? How can I create desktop shortcuts for the same?

  • awesome … really helpful..

  • Thank you for an easy baseline, easy on the ears, training video.

  • Great tutorial!
    If you ever decide to revise this one I would suggest mentioning the apropos command.
    Point in case: after watching this tutorial I tried to install Chrome via the shell and ended up installing chromium. However, I had no idea how to launch the app and in the process discovered the apropos command 🙂