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Linux Talk #10: Install Komorebi and Setup a Live Wallpaper on Ubuntu/Debian | Beginners Tutorial

Working on my Desktop Environment and Setup a Live Wallpaper Background on a Debian based distro (Ubuntu) in this Linux Talk. Beginners are welcome to follow along and install Komorebi. This Tutorial is intended for Linux Beginners. This helps makes the background of your desktop display videos, as well as, webpages.

We’ll install four of our own live wallpapers on a Linux distro and test out what they look like in the desktop background. You can create as many custom live wallpapers as you wish. Using live wallpapers will cost the system some minimal amount of resources, and isn’t recommended for older computers who don’t have much to spare. Komorebi is a a great free to use application, but there are a few nuances to know about.

Komorebi GitHub –
Komorebi Release –
Command Mentioned – sudo apt install gstreamer1.0-libav
Live Images –

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  • I'm having trouble downloading Komorebi. I installed Komorebi and Wallpaper creator, but it seems like it is separate. I can open Wallpaper creator, but I can't open Komorebi. I tried looking up the dependency packages and found that I'm missing a lot of packages, and can't install them since they don't show up. I have peppermint Os 10. please, any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Hey can you make a tutorial how to set up hotspot in Kali Linux 2019.4?
    I watch a lot videos but they are all using old kali, i did not find anyone who have same version like mine
    In my windows 10 everything is working fine about hotspot but in Kali, i have tried, tried and tried.
    Nothing is working for me. I just want share my internet in Kali Linux to my android tablet

  • Why was this Private Video