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Linux tutorial: Find out which process is listening upon a port

This video tutorials explains how to find out what Linux process has a specific port open on Linux operating systems. For fuser and other commands please see our tutorial page @


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  • Great knowledge. Keep it up!

  • There is no sound coming from the video.

  • ColinColin

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    what is the name of the background music? would like to know, thanks

  • ArrayArray

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    old comment system!

  • S AS A

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    So far watched two of your videos. Nice work!

  • nice videos, which screen record software is used???

  • It'd be a good idea to explain the process with your voice and remove this annoying music in your future videos.

  • Would have preferred a voice instead of the music.

  • Awesome tutorials. Please, keep on!

  • Awesome, I have a small question, Will Ctrl Alt and F2 launch the terminal window? Hope I can shoot a question here

  • Your videos and blog are always help and inspiration.

    I wish I had 1/8 of your skills…

    Have a great day!

  • awesome, great tutorial. thanks for this.

  • you showed me a whole new linux . thanks a ton. can i get ur gmail id?

  • Why no:
    $ netstat -anp | grep 3306

  • Great video!!!
    there was plenty of stuff I saw for the first time, thanks for sharing

  • Very interesting and useful. Thank you. Keep up the good work!