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Linux Tutorial for Beginners: Learn Red Hat Linux and CentOS Free in English HD 1080p

Use this Linux tutorial for beginners to learn Red Hat Linux and CentOS free! Get you started with the basics even if you have no experience using Linux! Take the full course free at

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Click on a time point below to skip straight to the chapter in this free Linux tutorial series. You can see the entire table of contents for the video here!
3:03 See why Linux is worth learning followed by a basic familiarization with the graphic user interface.
17:46 Introduction to the free video series and how to get help with your Linux questions.
19:26 Installing RedHat or CentOS with minimal modifications to your current system beginning with downloading, installing and configuring VirtualBox on Windows 8.1.
31:47 Create a Red Hat virtual machine including where to download Red Hat Linux and how to install it in a virtualized environment.
49:53 Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
1:04:30 Completed installation process with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, rebooting, and doing post installation procedures.
1:22:10 Installing RedHat or CentOS with a dual boot approach on Windows 8 starting with how to dual boot Red Hat and windows 8.
1:40:52 Finished installation with dual boot and second steps to running the Linux operating system on a windows computer.
1:49:07 Linux Graphical User Interface (GUI).
2:02:44 Basic familiarization with Linux Graphical user interface. 1:59:12 Learning Linux file systems and the system monitor in the Linux graphical user interface. Looking at processes running and more.
2:12:48 Basic Linux commands for beginners. Learn the Linux command line. File system navigation. Commands “ls, cd, pwd.”
2:29:03 File system commands in more detail. Change directory command in with ~.
2:43:11 Finding files. Commands “find, locate, updatedb, man” starting with getting to know the manual.
3:02:58 Permissions for files and and folders. Get started with “chown, chmod.”
3:16:58 Changing file and folder ownership and permissions between users. More about commands “chown, chmod.”
3:25:45 Basic Linux tasks: Move, delete and copy files. Commands “mv, rm, cp.”
3:38:44 Linux commands “grep, pipe, echo, cat.”
3:57:39 Introduction to the default packet manager for Red Hat Linux Enterprise and for CentOS called yum packet manager.
4:17:28 Essential options used on a daily basis with the yum packet manager.
4:31:55 Rpm packet manager.
4:39:35 How to get more help and videos about Red Hat Linux Enterprise and CentOS. Thank you for watching!

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Lập Trình Linux
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  • to run updatedb you need to be a admin so preface with sudo

  • I am getting below error while trying to install Red hat

    The virtual machine 'Red Hat 64' has terminated unexpectedly during startup with exit code 1 (0x1). More details may be available in 'C:UserstskotVirtualBox VMsRed Hat 64LogsVBoxHardening.log'.

    Result Code:

    E_FAIL (0x80004005)




    IMachine {5047460a-265d-4538-b23e-ddba5fb84976}

  • I'm 49 yo and I'm starting learning Linux. I don;t know whether this is a good thing or bad

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  • I managed to get rid of tabs on each new line by removing spaces between n and the test of the new line, ex: "Hi, there! nHow are you? nI am great"

  • Where can i get subscription key for this version. Is posible to find free key?


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    those ads scare me

  • So this is what you were doing before killing it on Steem. make sense

  • When I use chmod +w it only changes the permission for the user, not the group. 3:13:15

  • is this still relevant in 2019 ?

  • Are you mad. All the nonsense you gave at the first

  • ISP Provider

  • Hey dude, I am new to the red hat currently following RHSA 124. Can able to do video for how set up rhel 8 which is suitable for continue lab sessions in RHSA 124 guide book

  • Who would want to use this awful dull Mickey Mouse operating system.

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  • @jerry banfield @3:50:36 you put a space after the newline. if you do not want the addition space after a new line it would look like nhow are you nI feel random
    Thank you for this video i learned some cool tricks

  • Hi,
    Some command are not working for me like cd.. , locate , ipconfig
    It gives error as command not found

  • When you use the help command, how do you exit the help command and go back to the CLI for command execution?

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