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Linux/Ubuntu antivirus – Clamav and Clamtk guide

Linux antivirus – Clamav and Clamtk

ClamAV is an open source antivirus engine for detecting trojans, viruses, malware & other malicious threats.

This scans for linux and windows malicious software

clamav man page

askubuntu page

update the virus definitions

sudo freshclam

To check all files on the computer, displaying the name of each file:

clamscan -r

Check file and move infected files to another folder

clamscan -r –move=/home/USER/VIRUS /home/USER

remove infected files

clamscan -r –remove /home/USER

If the clamav tells you that there is a new version of clamav do not worry about it the most important thing to have latest database (freshclam)
If clamtk tells you that there is a new gui version again don’t worry about it the important thing is the database


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  • it says killed

  • Your speech is hard to understand to an American.

  • I just downloaded clamtk; where can I find the md5sum to check the download for integrity before I start using it ?

  • hey i am facing issue on my ubuntu system, i think my ubuntu system is infected with virus, most of the files extension has changed, with .wlu extension, i think its a ransomware virus, and in most folders 3 unknown files has been created, i don;t know how to remove this virus, can u help me???

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    Very helpful video, thanks for posting. I'm new to Linux and still trying to figure out how much time I should spend worrying about this type of stuff 🙂

  • Thank you for putting this info out there. I was wondering about having an outdated GUI. For whatever reason my repository does not have the newest version of the GUI.

  • cant understand a fucking word of it.

  • dude open your mouth! good video though