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Look @ CentOS 8 Stream – Rolling Release Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

Look @ CentOS 8 Stream – Rolling Release Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

CentOS Stream will be a rolling-release Linux distro that exists as a midstream between the upstream development in Fedora Linux and the downstream development for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). It is a cleared-path to contributing into future minor releases of RHEL while interacting with Red Hat and other open source developers. This pairs nicely with the existing contribution path in Fedora for future major releases of RHEL.


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  • eznix: Did you follow CentOS 8 Stream related developments during the last 7 months? A follow-up video after the release of RHEL 8.1/8.2beta would IMHO be highly appreciated!

  • operating system without tutorial and easy to installing is great programmer OS

  • Thanks for sharing ,very useful for my cloud server subscribed from www.datasoft.ws

  • This SUUUUCKS for people using CentOS for staging RHEL servers. The compatibility between the two was always nice but this screws that up if I'm understanding it correctly.

  • Gnome software should work fine. It never works for me before I do a couple reboots… Dunno why tho. It's really weird

  • So basically, Fedora remains the top desktop for the most current software, especially with Rawhide, while CentOS Stream is just a quicker way to get the RHEL point release content in CentOS. RedHat must be rolling in dough to have this many projects in progress.

  • oh boy.. Yeah Ez, remember my issues with FEDORA 27 back in 2017 when we started talking? Eh.. Seems the Redhat/Fedora issues have not been improved wow.. There are NO working(reliably)gui package managers for Fedora/Redhat since Anaconda back in Redhat 6.1 days! I know, I still play with those versions on old machines. Good thing the command line does work and that alot of us are not afraid of it!! But yeah sad to see, Cent OS(redhat) is not doing so good in the package management area. YAST on SUSE LINUX seems to be the only GUI package manager that I find still works. But that is just my experience mind you. I love my MXlinux debian way of doing things and it just WORKS. For me at least. The Rolling release thing you mentioned you were let down by? Oh boy lol! I found that mess out with some OTHER distros back in the day. Yeah, no such thing as a general Linux distro that updates from one major release to another without major issues and tweaks.. Still looking my friend,still looking.

  • brunobruno

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    This video could have been 4 minutes only, but the dude speaks 3 words per minute.

  • This is perhaps the single most boring video on YouTube, and I went looking for a video on this.

  • 6 disliked from RPM haters! WOW!

  • A way of RHEL to use CentOS as guinea pigs.

  • I just realised the CentOS 8 desktop background reminds me of the RHEL 7 desktop background. 🤔

    Also, so far, I've never seen the graphical startup splash for RHEL 8 and CentOS 8, but I imagine it's just identical to the one for Fedora 30, but with Red Hat and CentOS logos in place of the Fedora logo respectively.

    RHEL 7, on the other hand, used what was basically the default Plymouth "spinner" theme but with the 7 from the background "embossed" onto it, and I imagined CentOS 7 doing the same with its 7 or just using the unmodified "spinner" theme.

  • Off topic… sorry 🙁 But you do have some awesome wallpapers on your system, eznix 🙂 Really like that current one you're using 🙂 Maybe I can make it 'somewhat' on topic lol – has anyone upgraded their Fedora systems to kernel 5.3 yet? If yes, how did you update? Dnfdragora? Terminal? TTY?

  • So lets just imagine that this threesome unites rpm-lovers, and everything becomes hunky-dorry lovey-dovey. What will be the point of other rpm distros, like Mageia, OpenMandriva, and ROSA. Why would anyone use OpenSUSE Leap ? Because they prefer zypper over dnf ?? I am currently living in Fedora Rawhide on hardware, which is above my Linux skills. But I occasional play with OpenSUSE Tumbleweed. I haven't played with Mageia in over a year, but I follow their announcements, and watch a variety of rpm-related videos. I tinkered with the now-defunct Korora, but have never tinkered with Gecko nor PCLinuxOS, nor the others. I am not familiar with CentOS or RHEL at all, but this sounds like a really good idea.

    Can you please someday please do a video of Rawhide, showing setup of STEAM, etc. ? I have STEAM running in Rawhide, and it was somewhat of a pain to set up, and not sure if I did it the best way. So far the only perk really to Rawhide, is as it displays as "Fedora 32." It does not seem to be more than about 3 or 4 weeks upstream of Fedora 31 Beta. I have been in in about 40 man-hours, and so far the updates have been very tiny, but the kernel is currently 5.4.0.rc0.git3. There are some big things coming to Rawhide soon like Mesa 19.2.

  • SergeSerge

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    Hello eznix Really strange to get the glibc packages for the first update from a recent installation. On Slackel and Salix these packages are excluded from the upgrade process as they might break the system.

  • eznix, nice job enjoyed the video!

  • Man you make good video, if you increase the volume it will be much beter.

  • Cool, but really, for servers you want to go with something that have as little updates as possible. Just recently I've set up VPS with headless Debian server installed with a plan for maintance "once per month", and Debian server is perfect for it really, so once a month I've SSH to it, upgrade packages, reboot if needed and I'm done = perfect.
    Gnome software is quite a buggy application, it always has been in my experience, so typically I stay away from it (unless on Ubuntu ofc.), because most distributions do not do it properly and it's probably not their fault, it works well with apt (but was buggy with it as well), but with others it seems it does not.

  • Is it possible to upgrade to centos stream from centos7? How can I do that?

  • The larger screen (larger than 125%) is better.
    I have a small monitor and can't see anything on your screen.

  • Would love to see you do a video on Fedora Silverblue. I’ve been running it off & on for awhile now. But not many videos on YouTube about it. Seems it’s flying under the radar. It’s super cool, so I just think more people should know about it. Been watching your videos for a week or so & finally subscribed. Thanks for the great content. Keep up the good work.

  • PeterPeter

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    Thank you for the intro for centos stream….I am interested in what you use as the Host OS for virtual box?