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MakuluLinux Flash w/Xfce Review | Distro Delves S2:Ep18

In this episode of Distro Delves, we’ll be taking a look at MakuluLinux Flash with the Xfce desktop released on April 1st of 2020.

Makulu Linux comes in a few different flavors – MakuluLinux Core, Flash, and a strange Windows-copy called LinDoz.

I’m unclear as to what Linux distro MakuluLinux is based on. There are tools from Ubuntu and Mint as well as lots of 3rd party ppa’s. The desktop environment is Xfce with a very custom theme and icon set.

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  • EgeeEgee

    Author Reply

    Want to see the script I use to review distros? It's right here! – https://github.com/egee-irl/distro-delves

  • In terms of FPS in games, what makes them bad is the huge variation in FPS; a constant low FPS is better than a high, but unstable FPS.

  • Reminds me of my Linux desktop from 2008 good ol' Compiz-Fusion and random GTK themes.

  • This distro needs some polishing and stability and support and some uniqueness.

  • Exactly Really like your videos thanks. I don't like LTS distro's right now. Just because some apps won't work even if you try and build them because of packages not that new. I don't understand why they didn't go with 20.04 LTS which is coming out fairly soon. I like thhe deepin music app but it won't work in 18.04 LTS's it needs newer packages. If you know how to create deb packages would be cool video. i want to make deb package for the deepin-music app.

  • People spend months and years working on a distro and you are here talking TRASH. Linux is about choice. Asshole just making video for views and daily bread. Get the Fuck out of here.

  • This is the same reviewer that said that MXlinux was rubbish!!! Listen this is an excellent distro!! TRY IT YOURSELF and stop listening to this buffoon!!

  • Can you please do stuff other than distro delves again :/

  • compiz is pretty funny

  • I am surprised it is still around.

  • This one is actually not bad at all, too bad it is xfce and it is horrible for hidpi displays.

  • AprilApril

    Author Reply

    Messy bloat

  • I have noticed some WMs (Including GNOME and older versions of Cinnamon) will stutter/freeze when the CPU gets pegged.
    Maybe that's what you're seeing when the benchmark is reporting a different frame rate than what you're getting? Game runs at that frame rate, but WM is stuttering so it looks lower.

  • iodiod

    Author Reply

    Both benchmarks show gpu usage 0%, is that normal? And the frametimes are bad, particularly in gta5. maybe that's the source of the lag?

  • Such a dumpster fire lol

  • Thanks for another delve into a distro I never really noticed before.

  • C WC W

    Author Reply

    Interesting distro

    Then one I am personally looking forward to try out this year ubuntuDDE 20.04
    Ubuntu with deepin ui…

  • What was that space game at the end called?
    And thank you for your videos

  • Nice review. MX still faster?

  • And another distro that's based on this rubbish Ubuntu, and it comes with preinstalled spyware (Google Chrome).

  • XFCE is the OG lad that never lets down

  • Oh nice a new DD. Just randomly scrolling by and I'm greeted with yet another distro I have never heard of!