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Mega Cloud on Linux

MEGA cloud is one of the best cloud service on Linux. It is a viable alternative to popular Dropbox.

MEGA provides robust cloud storage with strong emphasize on privacy.
It features User Controlled Encryption,
It has native graphical (MegaSync) and command line applications for Linux (Mega_cmd).
Its web interface is very functional and can be enhanced with Firefox or Chrome add-ons.
There is a mobile client for Android and other mobile OSes.
Its code is open. You can check it and decide if you trust it or not.
You get 50 Gb storage for free.
Do you know any other cloud service with such attractive features?
What the video to see more details.

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Lập Trình Linux
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  • I signed up for the free option today, and like it. I also use sync.com (paid) idrive (paid) and pcloud (free). pcloud and mega are the only two I know of that have a linux app. It works well!! I installed it in bionicpup with no issues at all. Mega offers a lot of space. Over 4TB if needed which I like. Sharing a link worked well. Nice video BTW!

  • You can't export files to external drive so I use Megatools

  • Thanks this looks good I'm moving to Linux sol loking for alternative to Dropbox so will give it a try!

  • When you download some kind of file in MegaCMD, the transfer keep encrypted end to end through the internet? Or the data become unencrypted in the Mega server before the transfer? and if it use in Webdav? 🤔 also, good content. you get a new suscriber 😄

  • Русский что ли?)

  • Good Mega review here:
    I was wishing to use it but I preferred pcloud because they clearly explain the free storage. On Mega is not clear, reading the "small notes" on the site I suspect that the free storage (20 or 50 GB?) is free only for 180 days. I should like to get confirmatiot that they offering some amount of free storage for life 🙂

  • MegaNz.com

  • how do you to login with mega-cmd?

  • I like Mega Cloud.
    It is very useful.

  • Very useful. I am, too, a heavy dropbox and google drive user. But it is also feature rich and helpful. Many thanks for sharing !!!
    I started to use it right away !!!

  • I would love to believe you but I downloaded one file yesterday (a shared film) and when I wanted to do more, it said that I have to pay

  • I'm skeptical of switching from Google Drive (which I use now) to Mega because I don't know if it will just be discontinued one day, like some cloud storage services in the past. (I know this will never happen to Google Drive.)

  • Mega is the successor of Megaupload that was taken down by the FBI around 2012. Kim Dotcom decide to open Mega Cloud with focus on privacy and security. For those who remember Megaupload was a very famous platform for streaming movies included copyrighted movies.

  • Had no idea about Mega. I've been looking for an alternative to Dropbox on my Linux machine.

  • Thank you for the informative video, in the next time i test it out.
    Dropbox resize my space after two years, so i have only 2 gig. Near Google Drive a think Mega is a very good Backup Cloud, i like the Sync App in Linux.

  • I love mega CMD

  • Thank you for your advices i just started on linux two weeks ago on manjaro and it's awesome so far !

  • Pretty Linux mascot works ALU, liked it.

  • In my country cloud services is not advantageous, because we have a very pool upload. So 32GB of storage is more than enough.

    But is good to see how it works.

  • Sir how can i use nvidia graphics in virtual box …. I've tried intel gpu with plasma it wss lagging.. n I HV to switch back to xfce4.. I want smooth performance . with kde. plasma

    my systems configuration

    Intel i5 7200U
    12 Gigs DDR4 ram
    Intel 620 + nvidia 940 mx
    full hd display

    I'm using Windows 10 as my host OS

  • I've been using it for a few years now

  • I have another service: MagentaCloud, hosted by the German Telekom (so Servers are in Germany -> muh privacy) and you get 25GB a month, and to be fair, with the laws here in Germany, I'd rather take that one over Mega..

  • i hate the auto start function. if it enabled by default? Linux is wicked fast. i don't wants auto start up programs to slow it down.

  • Great, i used it and go rocks, for free…

  • E EE E

    Author Reply

    imo the problem with all aother sulotion or products other than ( google drive / box / drop box ) is third party support . like for example auto backup or upload to cloud in nas software , notes apps , image software etc ..

  • Hi. Good video. Can you elaborate a bit further on the client side encryption particularly how Mega software encrypts locally and then transfers to the cloud. My biggest problem with using services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. is locally private key encryption is not available.