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MegaSync Client for Linux!

Finally! A MegaSync client for Linux 🙂

Arch Linux:

Other Linux:


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  • 50GB!!!….lol…can you install an OS on it?

  • Hey midfingr, keep up the great work on those Archlinux videos. I've been avoiding learning how to use archiso, so thanks for putting out a tutorial! Do you use ffmpeg for your videos? I just started out making vids for my fav apps and such. 

  • I think this one could be better than Dropbox that I use so far because it's encrypted, so all our uploaded data will be safe? Can you confirm this, please? thx

  • Great news – thanks for spreading it 🙂  I am using Dropbox for so long but it acts flaky on linux and has just stopped working for me!

  • Thanks dude … nice find! I'm using dropbox with 2G and copy.com ( aff: copy.com?r=WrVjer) for 15G. It will be useful.