MOTD Man United Smashed Man City 2-0 Bruno Fernandes made Solskjaer on Fire 🔥 Pundits Reaction HD

MOTD Man United Smashed Man City 2-0 Bruno Fernandes made Solskjaer on Fire 🔥 Pundits Reaction HD
Man United vs Man City
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  • Who's the cutie asking qestions?

  • https://youtu.be/dMFtSVk7Li4 watch amazing screamer


    Author Reply

    How do u screen record it

  • I would love to kick Jenas and Shearer right in the bollocks, absolute fucking drivel

  • The amount of adverts in the video was disgusting

  • The City keeper said after the match the big passionate crowd unnerved him and he just wasnt used to it

  • What is this shit , all blurred out

  • City dominated the possession but Utd dominated the game.

  • M NM N

    Author Reply

    when they were criticizing Ole in those weeks, united did't have any midfielders outside of Fred and Matic, Pogba, McTominey were out long term, there were essentially no back up for defenders with Dalot, Tuanzebe, Bailly, Rojo, Shaw for some time all out, with only back up being Jones, Rashford got injured in that time too. no team can get good results in those conditions.

  • Ole and his coaching team deserve a lot more credit for their strategic planning and tactical skills – adjusting to the changes in City’s game, quite masterfully. Ole is doing really well and its high time he gets the credit he is due.

  • What’s the point of this video when you can just watch the actual thing for free

  • I`m not a 100% sure chaps but do yellow cards still get rescinded? or has that rule also gone?

  • I love how everyone is ignoring pogba sel him out

  • Jermaine is actually a pretty good pundit.

  • I would try to sign Mahrez from City instead of throwing 120M away on a 19yr old Sancho.

  • It’s a nothing game

  • Jenas hates United.

  • John Q. Pundit: "Can one person arriving change everything?" Ahem… "When the seagulls follow the trawler…"

  • City have always lacked consistency

  • Bruno for captain

  • Breaking News Folks: Beware Manchester’s 🩸 Red!!! City’s 🩸 is over the whole city!!! Hold on to that Pep!!! ☠️⚰️🤣😂🤩

  • Bruno was a world class missing piece of the United puzzle. We've got a solid team, We just needed a magician and now we have one.

  • 1.45 Ole looks like Gollum.

  • United if they keep improving only need a pogba replacement in the summer if he goes

  • J MJ M

    Author Reply

    Its like watching through cataracts🤣