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[New Method] Run K@li Linux 2019.4 on Android Phone.!! [Official Method with All Tools]

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Myself Swapnil Srivastava. So today in this video I am going to show you that how to run Latest K@li Linux 2019.4 on your android phone with the official method given by K@li Linux itself.! I shown whole demo of it by running several tools. With the help of this method you will be able to run Best K@li Linux tools on your Android Phone that you normally use on your PC.

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  • Those who are asking how to get back to Kali Linux again after disconnecting the vnc server. Follow my instructions :-
    1: First of all make sure that you had not deleted any Kali Linux file that you earlier downloaded in first run.
    2: Now type ./install-nethunter-termux and hit enter. So that it will again run the script.
    3: Now it will ask your permission to delete the files downloaded earlier so just make sure you have to type N and hit enter. It will ask it for several time so every time give N only and hit enter.
    4: In case if you had deleted the earlier file then you will be required to download it again so make sure to not delete it again.
    5: Now type nethunter kex & and hit enter
    6: Now it will start VNC sever again so open Nethunter Kex App and Connect to the desktop of Kali Linux.

  • Kali Linux sudo ka kya password hai

  • Wifi hacking possible with kali? Without using anything extra .. i mean only with rooted

  • sha512sum: kalifs-arm64-full.tar.xz: No such file or directory
    kalifs-arm64-full.tar.xz: FAILED open or read
    sha512sum: WARNING: 1 listed file could not be read
    Rootfs corrupted. Please run this installer again or download the file manually. I'm getting this error after downloading I did 3 times but same result plz help bro

  • Kali passwd

  • Is root required? Please reply

  • Pleas help
    When i use tool then ask for "password for kali" then i put my pass that i use in nethunter kex passwd but when in put my pass its always say sorry try again

    Plss help what can i do?

  • Error starting the KeX server.
    Please try "nethunter kex kill" or restart your termux session and try again.

    What can i do when this appears

  • Need root??

  • Sudo password not match vnc nethunter password not working root permission

  • dpkg error help

  • ei toimi

  • Can monitor mode be enabled using this Nethunter On Rootless method ?

  • "Rootfs corrupted. Please run this installer again or download the file manually" help !!!

  • Its run on internet??? Its use mobile drivers?? Can i hack wifi with this kali linux???

  • can i install it in unrooted phone

  • Reply dedo sir pls sir 😁😁

  • Are sir Big fan sir 🔥

  • Bro i have 5.4 gb free space and when i downloaded rootfs is about 1 gb so i have 4 gb free space but when extract it show storage space not enough and the size of kali is about 4 gb please help me

  • Bhai isse wapis android version mai ja sakhte hai na