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NXT Price Prediction & Analysis 2020

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Nxt Fundamental Review and Technical Analysis for 2019/2020.

In this video we do review and analysis on the cryptocurrency project $NXT

Through fundamental and technical analysis we will review where the project has been throughout 2019 and try to get an idea of value for price prediction going into 2020.

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  • what is your prediction of NXT Coin after bitcoin halving?

  • Hard Rock Star . . . Turned Blockchain Scholar .
    Question :
    Where does a HODLer . . . Store these NXT Coins ?
    Also . . . Any Thoughts on DENT, GUP, HOT, ENJ and XAUR as ROI Players ?

  • Old in classic computers….but not even out of the quantum box yet..nxt°2·0°qubet*cha

  • NXT is in the quantum space..the nxt qubit dollars..common cents adds up to royalty holdings