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Part 2| Setup Python Virtual Environment For Trade Algo On Win 10


We’re now ready
to setup Python pandas package for financial analysis

To use pandas
we need to install at least 4 packages in advance
They are numpy
and setuptools
we go back to start
cmd command prompt
and begin our installation

First of all
get back to our virtual environment
pip install numpy
we need this package for calculation

Then we pip install python-dateutil
and setuptools

If you follow along on my other video
you may not need to install setuptools
because it’s already included in Python 3.6

Once we’ve installed the 4 packages
we can move on to install pandas-datareader
and datetime

According to pandas-datareader’s website
pandas-datareader should be compatible
with pandas 0.20.1
I’ll go back to pandas version 0.19.2

In addition to pandas
we also need other Python packages
Let’s say
if you want to grab web data
you need lxml
and beautifulsoup4
let’s install them now

let us install openpyxl
so that we can export data to Excel


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