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Peppermint OS 9 Review – Lightweight champion?

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In preparation of comparing some of the best lightweight Linux distributions of 2018, Peppermint OS 9 came highly recommended – so here’s my review!

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  • Tidak… peppermint OS lebih berat dari bunsenlabs

  • It's not a lightweight distro at all, it's a middle weight. Lightweights are Lubuntu, Bodhi, Puppy etc…. It's a middle weight and test after test show XFCE and MATE to be equal.

  • How can I get Peppermint to a bootable USB? I went to the Peppermint website, downloaded the OS and ended up with 9 folders titled, boot, casper, dists, install, isolinux, pics, pool, preseed and unbuntu.

  • RIP project lead for peppermint OS.

    You will truly be missed.

  • The ICE program is greeeeeaaaaaaat! I have an old Dell Laptop and was trying to watch YouTube on it. Got a lot of freezing and stalling. Put YouTube on ICE and it eliminated my problemo!.

  • I've been distro hopping for quite a few months, im back on Peppermint OS 10 right now. I have 4gb of ram and it is incredibly fast. I can have Firefox, Discord, Steam and Spotify open at the same time where as on windows 10 when I did that it would freeze up and come to a crawl.

  • I chose Peppermint for a 2011 Macbook Air which came with 2GB RAM soldered in. Not disappointed so far. Everything working smoothly, using less memory than MacOS.

  • Started installing…. Found this video to watch while I wait. Good stuff. Thanks for the review.

  • My wife and I bought a laptop at costco. It is so slow with its2 gb ram. I've been looking for a lightweight linux distro to try in it. Gonna give this a go when I get home in a couple weeks

  • Good explanation of the OS

  • You didn't say whether this was the x86 or x64 version. Can you clarify?

  • I just installed this on a Laptop with a single core processor and 2 gb of ram. It originally had vista on it and was never useable. Not sure why I didn't return it. However I wanted to see if I could make the laptop useable. Peppermint seemed to be the way to go. Puppy was too hard to install.

  • Lubuntu uses 300/400 mb of ram, so lububtu is lighter

  • The problem of peppermint is that is not so light as in the past. I have installed the 9 in a dell celeron based notebook. Now i have installed the 10th and is not so light. The minimum requirement is passed from 512kb To 1gb ram. Firefox and chromium crash every time.

  • Can you please answer me what is the best linux distro for a 2gb ram, 500gb hdd, no ssd laptop?

  • 11:21 "capable" activated my google assistant it thought it was "k google"

  • simply the best
    …..mx linux too…..

  • Can peppermint have a kde desktop environment?

  • I don't think any linux distro should have anything to do with Microsoft or Google. Both are evil companies, and linux is good.

  • ICE is a Peppermint OS innovation, created by the original development team. While it kept my 2005 & 2004 laptops running & useful, it flies like the wind on my brand new home built system.

  • great review, thank you so much for this video! I was looking a distro to install in a old netbook here , I think I found it!

  • Thanks for the video. I switched off as soon as I saw MS Office and Google Drive and Gmail…not for me. Great you mentioned it early on!

  • Firefox with "old lightweight"? Pointless to install an OS that can run on 500mhz when firefox needs lots more! If you have 500mhz P3, you can't browse the web. They should include some more lightweight browser.

  • 🙂

  • Long time ago I tried Maya Linux, a live CD distro with XFCE desktop. That was back in the days when Live CD were still unusual. Worked flawlessly on my HW and was very handy for system recovery tasks thanks to preinstalled GParted. Another lightweight distro I used was Zenwalk. Slackware based, very fast to boot, one of the fastest I've seen actually.

  • I like Peppermint. It's so tasty.

  • Just get bunsenlabs and enjoy stock debian without any crap

  • I was looking for a light OS.I used Xubuntu on a netbook in the past but Peppermint was a pleasant surprise. It even uses Nemo, which I always replace Nautilus or Thunar with on other OSs

  • Peppermint is good..but the best debian derivate is ubuntu mate MINIMAL installation without libreoffice

  • Can i have a peppermint? You can have a peppermint. Oh that's too hot for me

  • Snap/flatpak lightweight? Compared to what?

  • Looks like a worse version of mx linux

  • review of ubuntu 18.10?

  • Pepp 9 64 bits will ask for280 MB of RAM on a cold boot while Linux Lite will ask for more than 400 MB. But Linux Lite has 3 times more apps (and probably systemd services) running than Peppermint OS.
    And this is Pepp 9. Pepp 8, based on 16.04 LTS, was even more frugal with memory consumption.

  • Many thanks for the review IG, happy to see you apparently enjoyed your time with Peppermint 🙂

  • Great review – thank you – Peppermint is also not just for older computers – i have been using it as my daily driver since 2015 on a fast i7 with nvme ssd and nvidia graphics. It handles everything I throw at it with ease. MX17 would be my alternative choice for people who want to simply use a good fast distro.

  • Peppermint vs Manjaro vs Elementary vs Pop vs MX?