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pip install mysqlclient – safe way to fix the ERROR.

After 5 hours I finally found a solution :
Links & commands :

The commands ( run anaconda prompt ) :

conda install -c anaconda mysql-connector-python

conda install -c bioconda mysqlclient


Somenone told me that another way to solve this problem was to download a separate wheel file for pip.


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  • Hi Guys I found another way to do this. It worked for me, so it should work for you:

    Go to this website: https://www.lfd.uci.edu/~gohlke/pythonlibs/#mysqlclient ………. and find the mysqlclient whl file with the version that suits your python environment and machine processor. Download the file… and then install the file via command line — ( d:> pip install <<path to file you downloaded>>

    This will install mysql client for you.

    I wanted to install the flask mysql client, so the standard command of
    d:> pip install flask-mysqldb
    worked after this.

    Source: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/51228228/cannot-install-flask-mysqldb

  • If using Python3, install python3-dev

    sudo apt-get install python3-dev

  • Nothing could help me except this tutorial! I've been findin for help for around 4 hours and finally found it! Thank u very much!

  • not working

  • Thank you, Emile! Your way worked 100% ! I have tried to solve the problem alone for 10 hours on mac and windows, I have watched every single way to solve the problem…..didn't work but now you saved my brain …haha! I will like and subscribe you for saving my time! Thanks!

  • thanks ❤ ❤ ! it has solved my issues

  • its not working in my system ERROR conda.core.link:_execute(507): An error occurred while uninstalling package 'defaults::conda-4.5.12-py37_0'.

    PermissionError(13, 'Access is denied')

    Attempting to roll back.

    Rolling back transaction: done

    PermissionError(13, 'Access is denied')
    it shows this error

  • Hello @+EMILE, bro i have Spend 7 hours and i did all the tricks but i got solution just because of you and it is working now this is very big help from your side i almost i gave up. but in the end i saw your video and i am happy now thanks bro…!!! you guys are really awesome….!!

  • i have a problem in 'conda'

  • There is no other way to solve this problem…. , If available then tell me bro

  • thx

  • +1 thanks for the video

  • thanks dude

  • try using pip install –only-binary :all: mysqlclient (mysqlclient doesn't support py v3.7 i believe)

  • A very very super Thank you very much!!!! Help me solve this sh*t problem. This problem suffers me two days !!!!

  • Thank you.

  • hey bro!!!!THANKS i was solving this problem for about 4-6 hours i got really pissed of but then i just came upon your video and my problem just got solved! i tried everything ranging from installing official wheels to unofficial wheels to reststart my computer BUT nothing worked .
    i treid watching BIG! youtubers but evev didn't khew how to slove this
    THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GOT A SUB

  • I have alrday installed python, mysql databse, pycharm and django. when i try to coneect my projcet with mysql and when i hit "pip install mysqlclient " its showing me the error which you have faced. my qestion is after installing anconda and mysql client through anaconda can we work on our projcet in pycharm also.

  • so, I went through this process, and Anaconda3 thinkgs mysql is installed, but powershell and command prompt still show the same error. Any updates after checking back in powershell?

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    Play the video at 2x speed
    English isn't my first language so I'm quite slow.
    Another way to fix this : somenone told me that it’s possible to fix this problem by downloading a separate wheel file for pip.