Pre Match Press Conference | LASK v Manchester United | UEFA Europa League

Hear from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Scott McTominay ahead of United’s UEFA Europa League clash with LASK in Austria on Thursday. Subscribe to …


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  • Brilliant to see Ole smiling again.

  • Love hearing flex

  • fgtfgt

    Author Reply

    sign ighalo for 1year

  • 5-0 baby

  • Scott is a fantastic professional. He's United through and through.

  • I bet Tom Inside is hoping they cancel league anyone but Liverpool.
    If any Liverpool fans see this
    Liverpool 2-3 Atletico (2_4) Aggregate pmsl 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • 18:45 Flexutd of the united stand for those interested.

  • Funny to see everyone is doing the whole "cough" ooooh watch out he has got it.

  • Coming soon. United starts editing translations to save us all vital minutes in our lives

  • Obviously Mctominay likes the word Obviously

  • China the culprit

  • Is it just me or the translator seemed to talk way longer then Ole?

  • That journalist talking aloada jiberish had to knock it off

  • "I'm shaking in sorry" 😂😂😂

  • McTominay’s question 8:18

  • They're just asking one recycled question

  • Isn’t it just easier to put subtitles?

  • If this man loss this game an dnine me my money hmm well he we not belive what I we do to him

  • LASK 0 – 3 MU
    Goal by : Fernandes, Ighalo, Fred

  • Question in German: Aufsgenlatenfrenierfreischeiben undscheslaugenvenerenschafe mit den grossebelerenheinkelpotts arztbehandelnfrisierenkugel einstellenausfuhrung??

    Ole: 👀

    Scotty: 🤔

    Translation: Can I borrow a plastic spoon?

  • Scotty ♥️

  • YouYou

    Author Reply

    "Ole have you played behind closed doors before?"
    "Yeah I played in Norway before"