PSG vs. Borussia Dortmund preview: How will the lack of crowd affect this tie? | Champions League

With PSG facing Borussia Dortmund behind closed doors in an effort to turn around their Champions League round of 16 tie, ESPN FC’s Alejandro Moreno and Dan Thomas discuss which team will benefit most from the lack of crowd and who will inevitably advance to the quarterfinals.

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  • Who is here after neymar scored and mocked halland😂

  • No fans + Neymar = No Problem! 2-0 PSG!!!! Ici c'est Paris! 🔵🔴🔵

  • away goal rule should be suspended for Dortmund, as they will not be playing in a hostile atmosphere

  • Neymar please win ucl for us this season with PSG And score a hat trick against Dortmund in second leg Neymar please win ucl for us this season

  • I think this is moment for PSG because is going to be a real game, Neymer and Mbape there will be no one looking at them and all about the football..real talk

  • dortmund will win

  • Empty stadium or not it's not gonna affect the tie…

  • PSG might be less likely to choke with no home fans there getting frustrated.

  • not fair they should postpone it

  • just play recordings of people shouting/chanting through speakers.


    Author Reply

    They should play music playlists over the loudspeaker for 90 mins. Trust me, it’s better than hearing nothing.

  • VeckVeck

    Author Reply

    No crowd just means we'll be able to fully appreciate the full range of Neymar's vocals as he dives to the ground.

  • Why not broadcast live Twitter feed on big screens?😂😅

  • Can we just stop the season? Watching a game without fans just feels empty. Juve vs Inter was played at a great pace but I got bored anyway, this is only gonna get worse, honestly I’d end the season right now and continue it in the summer hopefully when the virus is more contained

  • Champions league final 2020 may be between PSG & Manchester city…PSG won

  • Could be better for PSG because there is no pressure from home crowd.

  • Cheering for PSG but no chance

  • It's a very huge Disadvantage to us the tie is already very tough for us now without our fans it becomes more tough
    Tuchel is responsible for this

  • I think PSG is gonna win it 3×1 or 4×2 hahaha
    What about you guys?

  • Dortmund will advance💪

  • Lebron will not let them play without fans.

  • That's not fair to PSG