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Python Numpy – 02 Installation

02 – Python Numpy Installation
In this lesson, I will discuss what prerequisite for working with Python Numpy. The first important thing is that you should have Python installed on your computer. If it is not installed, then you can visit the following link to install Python on your computer:

Once you reach the home page, select Downloads option, which will take you to the download page of Python installer. On this download page, you will see options of Operating Systems like Windows, MacOS X, Linux and others. You will have download Python installer for your Operating System. On my computer, Windows is installed so I clicked on Windows link, which navigated to the installers for Windows Operating System.

You may have a 32-bit or a 64-bit machine. Installers for both the machines are different. You need to be very careful while downloading the installer.

You can also opt for downloading Web installer, however, I will recommend you to download offline Python executable installer. Once you are done with downloading, install Python on your machine. Installation steps are very easy. There is nothing fancy in the installation process.

Moving forward, you will require Python IDE or interactive environment, where you can write your code and save it for future. “Jupyter Notebook” is the best option available for beginners. In order to install Jupyter Notebook on your machine, I will recommend you to visit the following website:

Once you are on the website, click the download button, which will take you to the download page for “Anaconda” installer. Depending upon the Operating System on your machine and Python version, download the respective installer. Then, proceed with the download process.

Once you are done with installation of Python and Anaconda. You need to test whether both of them working perfectly fine on your machine.

Open Command Prompt and type Python, which will show you the Python prompt along with Python version available on your machine. Then, open Anaconda Prompt and type “Jupyter Notebook” and press enter. It will take few seconds and open Jupyter Notebook in your default web browser.

The final step is to install Numpy on your machine.

Open the Command Prompt and write following command:
pip install numpy

It will start installing Numpy on your machine if it is not installed.

Once the installation is completed, write down following command either on Python prompt on Command Prompt or in Jupyter Notebook:

import numpy as np

If you do not see any error, it states that Numpy is successfully installed.

Congratulations! You succeeded in installing Numpy and its prerequisites.

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