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Randomly Change Wallpaper – Linux GNOME

change wallpaper randomly via command line, keyboard or cron …


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  • I have been using this script for a good while on Linux mint 15.

    Does the script crap out on you guys after a certain amount of wallpaper changes?
    I haven't counted them, but it seems as though it stops after a certain amount of times.

    Does this happen to anyone else? O.o

  • Please post the commands or aliases in the description. You should know by now that us Linux admins are too lazy to type from scratch 😉

  • @bamdadkhan oh lols, i am truly honor sir, heoyea baby

  • @Lchelidze oh haha, well i can sleep all i want once i die, then my health issues will be solved, cuz i wont be needing it

  • @setsallset hehe yea i hear about some of those methods, i havent try it yet. seems like more running process to get a hotkey to work. lols but good effort googling

  • @thurstonxander thats good to hear that my videos are not a stinker lols, hope you enjoy other ones as well

  • @gotbletu actually, I'm not sure but I think you just need the script that came with New Wallpaper.

  • @gotbletu I figured out a way to do it. Gotta install "ksetwallpaper" plasmoid, download the "New Wallpaper" deb @ bit. ly/tsI0N1 , make a global keyboard shortcut to "~/.config/new-wallpaper/scripts/KDE4" and you're done. Don't even need the plasmoid or app running. Shortcut works. Gotta take some of it back. Easy now but had to bing/google it. Had to space the bitly url cuz youtube won't let me post.

  • thanks

  • you've become one of my favorite linux guys on youtube. Great choice on the programs you review. I don't think hardly anyone knows about these until you post your vids. hell, for all I know you're creating these programs. lol! Thanks man, and keep up the great work!

  • 5:40 Zowie!

  • @setsallset well auto change in KDE is easy but try to have it change with a hotkey, dont think that exist yet

  • @Lchelidze sleep is for the weak ppl lols

  • Why the Classic desktop?

  • wow, this is so much easier in KDE but thanks for sharing. Might try this if I give Gnome 3 a shot.

  • if anyone wants a lightweight way to download random wallpapers you can try out my Random (widescreen only) Wallpaper Collector at my website at zicronsoft.comxa.com/section/utilities/page/2

    I currently run this script every time I boot up so I always see something new whenever I turn on my computer.

  • Where do you downloaded your wallpapers from? That with girl in blue coat is awesome 🙂