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Raspberry Pi – Linux Basics – Episode 2 – Advanced commands and Terminal usage…

In this video I show you some advanced commands that will help you with terminal use when it comes to Linux and the Raspberry Pi… If you haven’t already please watch Episode 1 of Linux basics where I go over some basic commands and how to install software… Check it out on my channel:

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There was a little too much code to fit into this box so I am going to give you a link to a useful site where there is all the commands I mentioned and more:

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The Raspberry Pi Guy

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Nguồn: https://ftlinuxcourse.com

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  • ohh end task… Ctrl + alt + delete – Ping – End task


  • Thanks for your videos. Very good. Going to buy a pi

  • Haha ok thanks mate I have subscribed to you thanks for your help

  • What does pinging mean mate?

  • I like your videos, but I think that the quality of the GPIO tut video (Python console) is more clear than the SSH+Windows recording. Also your voice sounds better in the GPIO vid rather than here. Anyway nice vids, subscribed! Keep going with this good work!

  • Thanks 🙂 Love your videos, I am subscribed!

  • how do you stop it pinging?

  • how you are recording your screen on the raspberry pi??????????

  • Yeah. Anyway I like his videos but a guy doing Linux videos using Windows IS going to be disliked. Also he can use a tripod camera with the RasPI.

  • Probable unable to do a screen capture with the RPi but it would have looked better form a Linux distro.

  • I know, but it would be better to show it on the real RPi or with some Linux distro.

  • Yes. He is using PuTTY on windows to SSH into to his RasPi

  • using WINDOWS to illustrate LINUX BASICS??!?!?

  • FYI, the "predictive text" feature Matthew talks about in this video is commonly referred to as tab completion. Great video Matt. Thumbs up on the cool channel.