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Run the Kali Linux Hacking OS on an Unrooted Android Phone [Tutorial]

How to Run Kali Linux on any Android Device Without Rooting
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For a beginner, Kali Linux is the best OS to learn simple hacking tools on, but not everyone has access to a machine that can run it. However, with over 2 billion Android smartphones around the world, chances are you already have a device capable of running Kali. Today, we’ll show you how to download and run Kali Linux on any Android device, unrooted, in this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab.

Big shoutout to Distortion on Null Byte who wrote up the written guide that we based this video off of, which you can view here:

While you can use your favorite keyboard for most of the tasks when running Kali on Android, an app like Hacker’s Keyboard is more helpful. Even better, a Bluetooth keyboard:

We’re not replacing Android with the Kali operating system, it will be accessible like any other app on Android. To do this, we’ll be installing an SSH client such as JuiceSSH or ConnectBot, then the UserLAnd application that will create and run the Kali filesystems.

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  • Can't install in my one plus 5T

  • I wish the screen for the sudo line was larger

  • Hey I have few questions. Can you grab handshakes and pmkids with that on unrooted device? Can you connect alfa networks adapter to android phone and use it?

  • Hey uh… Can i hack wifi using THIS Android kali linux?

  • sudo apt install net-tools this command is not working what to do?

  • Hi
    I have a question…
    My phone original disk isnt have enough size to install the Kali
    Is it another app that can move it into sd card?

  • it is saying superuser required

  • i cant dowoload to my iphone

  • Hello, any one could help me how to solve …(no wireless extensions) .. I have installed at Galaxy Tab S6 android 9, tks

  • Android won't let you doing anything interesting without root access, and Kali becomes just a Debian here because all his tools needs root

  • Can you run it on a rooted phone, and any video on how to install it?

  • How can i remotely shut down my LAPTOP with ANDROID kali ? is it possible

  • With this can i temporary change my mac address without needing root?

  • What can I do with my un rooted phone after I get Kali up and running outside a vm

  • So what if a person installed kali on an android phone, hid it somewhere in a company and connected to the wifi, enabled ssh and allowed you to connect from home. Could you do scans on their LAN and detect vulnerabilities?

  • Hey I'm working on some app for Android, it is connecting to a server, do you have any suggestions how I could sniff all the connections from my testing device (or atleast all connections from my app) so that I can see what exactly I'm sending through the internet and if I'm leaking anything? I have a rooted testing device and a pc in the same network (I could install kali inside a vm but I don't know if lets say something like wireshark would work since one is connected via wifi and the other over lan inside a vm).

  • I'd Rather use termux and Tasker

  • Is anyone using this with an External USB OTG Wifi Adapter? I want to use one to pull in distant routers.

  • How can I get a graphical user interface for kali (or any other distro)?

  • Hi K, It wont accept any passwords. Im following the messages that pop up but makes no difference. Are these supposed to be the username/PW of the android?

  • Is the UserLAnd app no longer available on Play Store?

  • Could you do a followup vid of what you can do with it once youve got it?

  • please stop saying 'go-ahead'… my god it's gotta be the worst brainfart word in history

  • L HL H

    Author Reply

    Can you perform any wireless attack with it ?

  • Thanks about to hack a bank now.

  • try terrmux

  • Ah the perfect combination of command line + microscopic software keyboard, a real pleasure!

  • How do i know if my phone has been hacked with kali linux

  • I luv ur videos thank you

  • whats the benefits from Kali?

  • I've ran into a problem maybe I'm dumb, but when I try to apt-get install python3-pip requests paramiko beautifulsoup4 pysnmp I get "unable to locate package requests, paramiko, beautifulsoup4, and pysnmp" any reason or help?

  • What if i can't download user land

  • Fake

  • Can this be put onto a first generation ipad?

  • This tool is not working properly with me it is not even updating thr kali linux

  • Awesome, I'm on my way to penetrate….. pen tester that is….lol

  • Ok very important question if I install this onto my phone will I be able to use it as normal like with everyday life things?

  • im 13 my friends ask me if hacking is like in watch dogs I used to just explain it to them but since I've learned how to do the screen pop up thing in watch dogs where it shows you an image on the screen so I just starting to tell people to take out there phone and run the program and select nearest phone on the program I made and it's funny seeing there face P.S I don't do this on people I don't know I'm also trying to become a penetration tester one day

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  • Is it. Possible to run metasploit

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  • I rooted the Pixel 3a and got Kali Nethunter

  • Will all the updates and installations save? Or do I have to redo it everytime I ssh into it

  • What about ios

  • Sir im new to this what should i prefer in installing kali linux vnc or ssh ?

  • Can we get back to the Android after using Kali Linux?

  • Is it possible to root a device without bootloader unlock code?

  • these apps can also hack facebook?