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Running the System76 Pop Shell (on Ubuntu 20.04)

The upcoming release of Pop!_OS will feature a new keyboard-driven, tiling shell that will give GNOME tiling features similar to i3. In this video, I install this new extension on Ubuntu 20.04, to see how it works.

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Download the source code:

Clone the repo:
git clone

To install it (at your own risk), run the following from within the downloaded directory:
sh rebuild.sh

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  • Maybe this is a dumb question. I have install the pop shell on ubuntu 20.04 as well. But i am wondering about HOW TO UPGRADE the pop shell, of is it automatic or something ?

  • I want to add a new Linux distro, Wish one is better Ubuntu DDE 20.04 vs POP OS 20.04?

  • This is awesome

  • Hi, I have a problem when I try to use super + / ( I type on my italian keyborad windows key + 7 that correspond to /) and the launcher does not start. Could you help me?

  • Im having trouble Installing it on fedora 31.
    Do i need to upgrade to fedora 32 for it to work ??

  • I guess Pop!OS has built the foundation of this tiling feature boom on all other desktop environments. Once it is really polished, free of bugs then will be awesome.

  • I was using POP!_OS 20.04 up until yesterday and I do like Pop Shell and hope that it continues to mature. However I did run into some odd behaviors, some of which will probably be ironed out in the near future. At this point I'm not going to use it for my main workflow but I'm going to keep an eye on it for sure.

  • Wondering just how to do this and this video pops up in my recommendations. Perfect!

  • This is not entirely related to this very video, but you did mention again that you always install App launcher. And you do use GNOME as daily driver. Since I'm relatively new to Linux and coming from MacOS, where my workflow almost entirely based on keyboard, I cannot understand why do you need any app launchers having extensible GNOME search, which can not only launch the app, but look into the files and provide you with everything in fraction of second? Can you please one day explain why app launcher is superior to you? Thanks.

  • I tried Pop_OS 20.04 beta – it's the first Pop_OS version that works on my UEFI-firmware laptop and I almost like it.
    https://github.com/PapyElGringo/material-shell is actually also pretty nice.
    Though I wish I would find a way to transport the interface of endlessos to other distributions.

  • Any pointers on accessing RHEL with AD credentials?

  • I can tell you with 20.04 the Nvidia Drivers do not work with the 2080Ti it crashes Xwindows as soon as its installed and rebooted if anyone knows how to fix that

  • What I love is everyone I watch on here that claims to love linux looks like there always using a fresh install or virtualized but not like there established OS

  • Does ubuntu 20.04 have touchpad gestures if not how to add it?

  • For us who use KDE Plasma: https://www.addictivetips.com/ubuntu-linux-tips/enable-tiling-window-support-in-kde-plasma-5/

  • Thank you, Jay. I can finally get rid of some of the extensions I use. THe devs have worked very hard on this.

  • m1tenm1ten

    Author Reply

    Pop! OS 20.04 Beta is out

  • I really like where System76 is heading by adding something this amazing to the Gnome environment. Also, to make this feature available to any distro and not only to Pop!_OS is a true sign of good sportsmanship. These good fellas understand what Linux is about.

  • How to lauch "Application Launcher"?

  • I am using Pop OS 20.04 and this is amazing.

  • New Linux & Pop user here. This feature looks awesome & I'm very excited to try out 20.04 when it's released.

  • I really like how this window management works. Apple should do this!

  • Off topic but: it is so cool that you let your son highlight his hair purple 👍

  • The Pop Shell is the feature I'm looking forward to the most on Pop_OS 20.04.

  • Why not just use a WM?

  • OMG this is amazing!!!

  • Audio is fine!

  • Does pop os have support for zfs on install like ubuntu ?


    Author Reply

    i am gonna try it. looks promising and perhaps better than going back to i3wm

  • review on the new Lemur Pro ?

  • 👍