Lập Trình Linux

Shell Scripting Tutorial in Linux

This tutorial introduces Shell Scripting for Linux/Unix beginners.
What is a Shell?
An Operating is made of many components, but its two prime components are Kernel, Shell.
What is Shell Scripting?
Shell scripting is writing a series of command for the shell to execute.
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Lập Trình Linux
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  • Also, you start your script with #! /bin/sh .. on my system (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS) this points to /bin/bash.
    -> as to not confuse a newbie – wouldn't you rather put #! /bin/bash since you are later invoking it from the prompt ?

  • I've always seen korn shell as ksh, not just sh .. at least not under Linux.

  • Write shell script program
    Where end user ask for install multiple software

    Please enter software: httpd, nginx, Apache2
    If already installed then: message for updates

  • Lol you used vi and didn't say how to save file. I see many people stuck with it.

  • How you save the script please tell

  • Easy understand

  • shouldn't the Korn shell be ksh instead of sh?

  • I like video Thnk you!

  • How you save the script on terminal and go back to command line ?

  • Great tutorial, simple and easy to understand. Thankyou

  • Thank you very much Guru99. I had a computer degree from years ago and I'm now trying to relearn some of the old stuff/good stuff. You are a good teacher keep up the good work.😄

  • Nyc sir

  • wow, such a wonderful way of explaining…Thanks guru99…😘

  • Thank you, very very much guru99! You're such a wonderful help for me.

  • please guru99 make more video about shell scripting

  • Please make some more videos..TQ for the tutorial..

  • RajRaj

    Author Reply

    Guru 99, your way of teaching is amazing
    Your website is amazing, I'm following you from long time Since you had application on playstore
    Why you removed the application from the playstore?

  • what short cut key you use to save your script file????????

  • thank you bro to translate video to arabic😍😍

  • loved it ….!! need some more vedios

  • AlexAlex

    Author Reply

    i thought pwd stood for print working directory not present working directory

  • thnxs very much

  • My favorite shell is zsh. Yours ???

  • Thanks alot great and useful