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Siduction LXDE 2018.1.0 Install & Review

Today I take a quick look at Siduction’s LXDE edition. Siduction is a rolling release model Linux distro based on Debian’s unstable branch.


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  • Hey distrohuggers,

    I have 9 man-hours of usage on hardware of the new Siduction 18.3 LXQt 0.13. Here is my take:

    Siduction in 2018 has great potential for those that want to use Debian Sid, but don't yet have the kohonas to try Xebian or some other Debian-Sid based distro. I would say to make sure you have the latest iso from after May 16, or just wait for their next iso release. I don't want to offend my new friends ( called siducers ), but there is not enough support to help anyone who is not familiar with Debian issues. For example, the forum manager moved my request for help to their IRC channel. That channel has nobody doing anything that I can see but signing on and signing off. Then one of them, instead of helping me says flatpaks suck and to report my issue as a bug with flatpak, but it is clearly a Siduction issue with my user not having access rights. I just don't know enough about Debian to fix it. I tried chmod, chown, chgrp, etc, and probably just made a bigger mess. So I would say that if someone has never used Linux, then Siduction LXQt is not what they want to install. I would say to stick with SparkyLinux and if you can't get what you need there, then try Siduction. However, I am certain that Siduction is going to be an excellent distro once these issues that I faced are resolved. I might reinstall Siduction again if they release a new iso ( 18.4 ?? ), but surely there is some way for me to log in as root and fix the problem. I just got to learn it.

  • Hey Distrohuggers, I have about 3 hours of experience now with Siduction 18.3 LXQt 0.13. This is not a newbie friendly distro, but it has the potential to be a great distro. Users or fanboys are called Siducers. They do not have a Facebook page. Whereas a similar distro, SparkyLinux has an active Facebook page. Siduction has a web-forum, however you have to remember the number "42" from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in order to bypass their security filter. I am having great difficulty getting flatpaks to work. If I don't figure it out, I may have to give up on Debian Sid. I have not yet figured out how to get a later kernel. SparkyLinux is beyond excellent when it comes to getting later kernels. I am currently in Falkon Browser 3.0. Memory resources are low. I have not yet tested wi-fi or printer, but everything else seems to work. With siduction you get the latest GNU tools. Allegedly it has the very latest version of GCC 8.1, but when I type –version it says GCC 7.3. Obviously, I have a lot to learn. It has systemd 238.

  • I have about an hour of experience now with Siduction 18.3 LXQt running on hardware. Having some issue with flatpaks. I think I have them installed correctly. They show up on the menu but they won't launch. They will launch from terminal but I get all kinds of dbus warnings.

  • Rellay nice review. Thank you! Would be interesting to see how you can turn a LXDE installation into a pure Openbox with Tint2 and Conky.

  • Siderian period xP

  • It is going to be difficult to keep up with all the early 2018 releases, as every distro wants to rush something out just to have the 4.14.x kernel. I doubt many of them have any thorough testing. Maybe the users are going to be guinea pigs. However, by October, I bet nearly every Top 50 distro is rock solid.

    Either way, it always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to install a new iso on a blank partition.

  • Great video DistroTube. Keep us up to date on how Manjaro KDE is working out for you. Cheers!