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Small bowel ischemia & infarction – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

What is small bowel ischemia & infarction? This is when blood supply is restricted to the bowel. Find more videos at

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  • My stepdad passed away at 03:00 UK time on 25/03/2020. Me and my mum were told that he had passed away because of this. He didn’t tell us anything at all about being in pain or anything at all so his death has been a real shock to the pair of us. This video is both helpful and upsetting for me in equal measures

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  • My younger brother experienced digestive issues for 19 months, including severe diarrhea which resulted in a loss of over 15% of his body weight. A weeks stay in a Pittsburgh (UPMC) hospital provided no diagnosis. A return trip to the ER was unproductive. My brother had bypasses and/or stents placed in both femoral arteries, several years ago. The arteries had been 90% blocked. I had CABGX5 in my 40s. Atherosclerosis and infarction is common in our family tree. Brother finally went to another ER in the UPMC network, in severe distress. Sepsis was observed, emergency surgery took place, his large intestine was removed due to necrosis, and he is undergoing vascular surgery, to alleviate the blockage in his stomach aorta. Do you think this was a difficult diagnosis to make?

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  • Is small bowel ischemia and Ischemic colitis same?

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  • Can a patient who undergoes an intestinal ischemia surgery ,lead a normal life?

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  • Are there diseases that can lead to these issues? For example, can Celiac disease lead to these issues, especially if it is undiagnosed?

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  • Does a patient experiencing bowel ischemia or bowel infarction typically present with blood in their stool?

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