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–SOLVED– Pip not working Python 3.6.x Windows –SOLVED–

I fixed the problem that some people face when trying to use pip on Python version 3.6! Usually, after doing this procedure, you will have to do it again every time you need to use pip. But for me, my pip just randomly starting working with NO problems!


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  • For what it's worth you don't have to navigate to the scripts folder every time.
    -Right click on Computer,
    -click properties,
    -click Advanced System settings in the left pane
    -click Environment Variables
    -Under "System variables" find the "Path" variable, click it and then press the edit button
    -At the end of the string add a semi-colon followed by the path to your pip file.

    So for example the end of my path string looks like this:
    C:Program Files (x86)SkypePhone;C:Python36;C:Python36Scripts

    Adding things to your path variable allows you to use those programs from the command line at any location

  • I spent around 2-3 hours looking for solutions to this problem and this was the only thing that helped. Thank you very much!

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    How to connect python with cmd

  • video not clear. Really struggled to see

  • Couldn't find the pip install for the life of me.. Thanks for the breakdown

  • thank you man

  • Watch the second part of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVCcFyYynQY. It will help you use pip where you want(Don't write the path exactly how he does, write the path that you have, where your pip is located)

  • I installed python3 on my C:/ directory and got this error:

    Fatal error in launcher: Unable to create process using '"c:python3python.exe" "C:Python3Scriptspip.exe" '

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  • OMG..cant's believe we had such a simple solution for this..i was really struggling..thx a ton

  • Thank you for helping me.

  • How do you a video that's blurred from the beginning and then clears towards the end?

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    Thanks so much dude. I don't know much about software architecture but following your advice to Shift+Right Click on the Script folder allowed me to open something called PowerShell Window. This window allowed me to both detect pip and start installing packages like folium or matoplotlib.

    Took me three fucking hours to fix this because everybody kept telling me to use CMD and mess with the Path settings.

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  • Thank you…this worked!

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  • pip appeared to work for me, however, my problem was that when I tried to import the module I installed, it says no module. the process you demonstrate fixed that issue. I don't really understand why this fixes the issue or why it would need to be run every time you want to use it. Is there no way to solve the issue permanently?

  • worked, ty!

  • didn't work….

  • thanks man!!!! works well all the videos i have showed it takes 15-20 min but you solve this problem in 1 min thanks alot

  • Brilliant! But from where did you get this pip files anywhere? I also have Python 3.6 and my script folder contains only wheel.exe. On the internet you can find only some pip 9.0.1 file as .whl or .tar.gz file which probably wouldn't work on Windows 10. Maybe on Windows XP, but I'm not sure. Huge thumbs down!

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