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Step By Step Guide to installing Kali Linux 2016.2 and VMware tools in VMware Workstation 12

This is a Step-By-Step Guide to installing Kali Linux 2016.2 and VMware tools in VMware Workstation 12 and solve screen resolution issue.

To avoid any resolution problems, please select Debian 7.x and not Debian 8.x

Kali Linux download link:

Code to install open VMware tools: sudo apt-get install open-vm-tools-desktop fuse

Code to check VMware tools version: vmware-toolbox-cmd -v

Please visit my website for detailed information:


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Lập Trình Linux
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Lập Trình Linux
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  • Configure the package manager problem what we select

  • Where did you gave your username?

  • http://prntscr.com/m71a9l i have this error

  • I am trying to install kali linux 2017.2. I can not install kali linux "1. Failed to startloging service 2. Failed to start network manager 3. Failed to start modem manager 4. Failed to start account service. Now What will I do? Pls help me

  • good detail, you probably need to update this now given the horrendous Kali options for download, also consider the torrent step as you went straight to iso, not a problem for me however. I was interested in your command line update for vmware tools. because I'm amazed this is being skipped over constantly for releases. For any newbies wondering about this . This step is pure pretentiousness out of the linux community, there is absolutely no need for this post installation and it is lazy OS Development, you will get people that use this OS and think they are Gods , this is because they convince themselves that wasting time equals productivity. Just do your own thing and don't worry about people on these forums, people would have less problems with graphics on tiny laptop screens during the installs if the Open Source community realized that they are falling behind MS and Apple drastically when it comes to OS development. So for newbies stick with it. I would also suggest to $ apt-get install terminator which will give you a better shell environment, you can tile and run various tasks. The command line is where this OS should have stayed. The newer versions which introduce vile GUI's are like watching your Dad squeeze into skinny jeans.

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  • debian archive mirror error is coming kindly help me

  • bro for installing Linux internet is important ?

  • the grub-pc package failed to install how to solve this problem in msi laptop

  • GURB installation failed

  • Thank you bro, you solved a lot of my problems

  • Gracias me funciono like

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  • very gud and thanx sir

  • Heelp i have an error whale installing systeme! Please help

  • what is root password for this?

  • sorry but u need to update

  • plz some help with this erreur : E: could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock – open ( 11:resource temporarily univailable )
    E : unable to lock the administration directory ( /var/lib/dpkg) , is another processusing it ?

    plz help guys

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  • password didnt work … 9:07

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  • I have tried to download and it showed 10hours to download and my computar is 64 bit and everything is ok? But after it says errar I don know wat to do? Is windoes 10 and has good space , but it says errar I'm trying but it doesn't work pls help me bro