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Success, failure and the drive to keep creating | Elizabeth Gilbert

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Elizabeth Gilbert was once an “unpublished diner waitress,” devastated by rejection letters. And yet, in the wake of the success of ‘Eat, Pray, Love,’ she found herself identifying strongly with her former self. With beautiful insight, Gilbert reflects on why success can be as disorienting as failure and offers a simple — though hard — way to carry on, regardless of outcomes.

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  • It was beautiful.

  • I have started learning English for 6 years because a stupid reason but now i consider it is my life. When i began i learned it with my passion, i didn't understand why during a long time i didn't know '' I learn english for what''. Fortunately, now i found my purpose and i promise i 'll make my dream come true. Thanks for reading. My grammar is wrong some places and i hope you will help me to correct it

  • ANYBODY WANTS SUCCESS? try this could help


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    何度失敗しても書くことを諦めないのはそれが自分よりも大切で価値のあることだから… 私もそんなものを見つけてみたい…

  • Thank you so much


  • yess maam, i love my GF more than i love my self

  • 두가지 , 포괄어사용, 딱히 인상깊은건 없는데, 편안함 느낌을 주고, 영어를 뉘앙스및 기초단어 중간중간 몰라서, 반복해서 들어야됨, 역시 인생은 반복학습 ㅠㅡㅠ, 재능타고난사람,스무스하게 사는 인생이 부럽지만 아니면 어쩔수없이 적당히 살거나, 잠시 멈춰달라하고, 도움받아서 같이 발맞춰서 가야지, 시도는 해봐야지,

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  • Sorry for my English but in my country, if you wanna be a rich man, you can never have a chance to do what you really want to do because your living situation decide everything . You have to do things that making money immediatly. Cause im just a poor boy, but im love paitting and i do it since i was a child. The reaction i got from people is spiting & despising. She so lucky to live in a country that every skill or field are equally appreciated.

  • Brillant speech which inspire me learn & love English more than ever before

  • Yes, what we love and we can do that is our home, also that makes us live life as we want not what other want

  • Yazmak bu dünyadaki en güzel mucize ve bu mucizeye sahip olak en büyük ayrıcalık. Etkili ve geekli bir anlatım. 💜

  • Sooo good! I needed to hear this! And no I didn’t end up here after watching Taylor Swift’s Tiny Desk Concert.

  • This is one of favourite talk. Find the thing you love than yourself

  • I got this from others:
    The price will return to the value.

  • The sucess in life is focuc on one Thing you are interesed.

  • Lessons learned. Do not give up. Always go back home meaning to that one thing that you love more than yourself

  • not exactly standing ovation material but nonetheless…..

  • Thank you for such an inspiring talk
    It made me think about what I'm really keen on and move forward my dream despite difficulties

  • I never give up. Thanks for your idea

  • She said everything i needed to hear today i was totally gonna try add my two cents here I’m the comment section but as i was trying to make clear what i wanted to write in my head the really talented lady in this video done went and said everything i wanted to.

  • Will=ue. Minuto 6:00

  • I totally understand her meaning even though the event scale was different in my life.

    I studied more than 5 years from elementary school kid to enter special purpose high school and finally got in.
    but I suddenly felt lost in both way.

    First way was success.
    Especially by other people’s view.
    All the adult who I met at that time said “you are such a great,smart kid”.
    Even though I felt nothing special point from me than before.
    They just started to recognize me as a successful person.
    Actually that was very stressful and unthankful care.

    And the other way was failure.
    I got most terrible score in the first mid exam.
    And at that time I felt huge struggle between two gaps.

    I took one year off from my school and finally quit it.
    And for the long time I kept asked myself why I decided to get in that school.

    And the answer was just simple.
    Because I loved “Language”.
    (That was a special purpose high school for Language)

    When I felt lost and very depressed Language was the only thing that I did everyday without anyone’s care.

    So I started to study again and also found the job called “International Interpreter”
    And now I’m on a way to move on.

    The only regret I have is the fact that rebounding time was too long.

    But I also feel thanks to God cuz during that time I grew up and realized about life.

    But I really wish to do not face this time again😂

    I’m sure that this struggling will come again as a different form one day in a future but now I got an wisdom and power to face it.

    Thanks to God and also to her who helps me to realize what I faced during last few years.


  • Love this talk! This is very inspiring. <3 <3 We shouldn't be afraid of failing. Instead, we should focus on doing what truly makes us happy, and everything's gonna be okay.

  • Thank you.

  • What a fabulous gift this video is!

  • Большая часть их лекций – это отсебятина и капитанская очевидность. Я тоже умею нести ахинею.

  • 4:40

  • Loved it ….

  • Ugh, so many ppl talking about Taylor Swift, now I'm gonna have to google about it to know what's going on

  • These speeches are really magnificent and anybody can develop an ardent interest towards English

  • The shortest TED I have ever seen.

  • Oh, how refreshing! She's such an amazing speaker -and writer, and overall creative force.

  • T HBT HB

    Author Reply

    Here after Do it on a Dime…

  • Thank you. I know i am going to listen to this many many times. God bless