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Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

What is superior mesenteric artery syndrome? This syndrome occurs when the superior mesenteric artery pinches down on the small intestines and creates problems with digestion. Find more videos at

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  • Supremely disappointment with the discussion of anorexia as “intentional weight loss” while that is sometimes the result – this is a mental illness that is NOT a choice. Refrain from reinforcing stigma with poor wording!

  • This is so wrong, weight gain doesn’t always help, and more times than not you can’t rebuild your “fat pad” also people have S.M.A syndrome before the weight loss. And feeding tubes don’t actually correct the issues specially if you had the syndrome before the weight loss. I’m one! And surgery and a feeding tube won’t help me. And if you have malabsorption syndrome feeding tubes don’t work, nor are you a good Candidate for surgery

  • Sml used to have that before

  • So much info

  • Really good format

  • I have sma syndrome and this really helped me understand more about it, thank you.

  • So I know of a cat there is the sma and smv. What is it if the smv is compressing? Is it still sma

  • awesome video

  • Duodenum is pronounced Do oh dee num. Vomiting lasts for a week at times (in my case roughly once a month) Cause is not enough fat which then clogs the intestines and blocks bowels. Feeding tubes can help with weight gain for those unable to gain weight.

  • Excellent video! This was so helpful in explaining my diagnosis to others. Please do one on Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Nutcracker Syndrome, and Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome! Thank you!

  • OK they said I had a swollen one what does that mean

  • absolutely fantastic video!!!!!

  • absolutely fantastic video!!!!!

  • I was diagnosed years back and they wanted to do surgery but i wanted to try to gain weight first. I've weighed about 150 for at least the past 10 years and dealt with SMA in a weird way. When i take nexium its as if food can pass easier which to me makes no sense. Why would a PPI allow food to pass easier? Laying on my left side with knees close to my chest also seems to work pretty well. I'm not sure what caused SMA because i never lost a lot of weight or had surgery but perhaps my teenage growth spurts did it. I've weighed 150 most of my life but in high school i shot up to 6'4" so im wondering if thats what did it. I wish i could get that mesenteric fat pad to grow but it seems impossible.

  • Great job

  • I suffer from this syndrom. I get my food via a Jejunum Tube in my stomach and can t eat since 10 years and huge pain. Do you have a recommendation for a specialist? Thanks in advance.

  • Awww hell no I have this.

  • I just want you all who have this horrible disease to know you are not alone or CRAZY!!??

  • This sydrome is very very rare and very deadly

  • I have this it’s not pleasant.

  • I went to the hospital last month and they said I was probably born with it. Is that possible? I've almost never been able to gain weight and my symptoms have been acting up really bad lately.

  • 4:30 When I had a jejunum tube I did not have bad pain in the duodenum. I am going inpatient for eating disorder++ in a few days. Should I mention this? Because it is one of the reasons i am anxious of gaining weight. The cramps. They were worst when I was eating more normal. :/

  • 3:33–3:43 ALMOST EVERY DAY

  • Yee TYee T

    Author Reply

    i have this lmao

  • MALS or Celiac Artery Compression video please!

  • Please, I want surgeon name to address this problem(SMA)

  • You guys should do a gastric volvulus(twisted stomach) i had one lost a bunch of weight due to inability to eat then had the volvulus surgically repaired then what do ya know a month later id lost 35lbs and i had nearly identical symptoms to my volvulus so doctors thought the anchor stitches on my stomach had broken and nope turns out it was sma syndrome two rare digestive disorders in a matter of 2 months fun way to turn 16 lol

  • I am suspected to have SMA syndrome and have an MRI/MR Angiography sheduled, but there is one thign I don't understand: Why do they put a nasal feeding tube that leads into the stomaach when the patient has stomach problems? I for one have problems with everything I eat and can't imagine having something pump food into my stomach, soudnsm ore like torture and would most likely make me throw up.

  • Tq vry much …Very gud explanation .. Add more videos …

  • Great

  • Real clearly explained. Thank you