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Switching to Linux? Linux Mint 19.3 vs Zorin OS 15.1

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It’s time for a comparison of two of the most accessible desktop Linux OSs for those interested in switching from Windows 10 to Linux. Both Linux Mint 19.3 and Zorin OS 15.1 are excellent choices – but they both serve different markets/demographics, so this video is designed to help you pick between the two.
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  • Which features/elements of a distro are most important to a person switching to Linux from Windows? Also, go check out the podcast features and new free Movies and TV features of Plex at http://bit.ly/PlexMoviesIG and check out the benefits of a Plex Pass here: http://bit.ly/PlexIG

    I also am checking out Feren OS as another Windows user-friendly distro. Stay cool everyone!

  • Why he is not making videos anymore???

  • Are you dead???

  • https://ubuntucinnamon.org/ psl do review

  • ObjCrObjCr

    Author Reply

    Im using Zorin bcuz easier to install and familiarer to me

  • Zorin is not stable yet ! Some bad experiences 😞

  • Noice

  • The Linux Mint logo looks like a phallus

  • XenorXenor

    Author Reply

    I think Mint is for people which need fast os, when Zorin is more for begginers, and it weights more (so it's little slower, if u got hard drive, on SSD the difference isn't felt )

  • I have to disagree a little. Mint has a familiar, classic Windows-like appearance out of the box best resembling the most popular Windows version, Windows 7. Zorin do an amazing job but afaik they use Gnome with their own tacked on extensions. When entirely dependent on Gnome Shell extensions there is far more margin for error and that is NOT good for a new user. As mentioned, Linux Mint maintains their own Desktop Environment which delivers a stability and peace of mind much needed for a new user. I honestly do think they are sane defaults for a new user while giving options for customisation for those who are more capable. Less experienced users aren't gonna be confident enough to mess around and will likely take what they're given as that is the traditional Windows experience anyway.

    I really feel like perhaps a little too much personal opinion leaked through here. No hard feelings though. Great video and both are great options.

  • bro, what is the best linux OS for normal customer for old devices, looking for answers, thanks

  • Mint has a very old software issue

  • i miss you <3

  • Hi, thank you very much for this and your other videos. I'd like to give my parents a PC with Zorin installed. Is it possible to automate updates for Zorin Os and installed programs? Or is it something to do by terminal? Thank you very much.

  • I installed Linux Mint but didnt like the theme so i changed it to the Windows7 theme. I was quite fond of Windows7 but unfortunately it came the end of its life but now I have it back again for ever, thanks to Linux Mint. I have tried Zorin OS its nice except for the slabs of grey in places which is quite common in Linux distros. I understand you can't customise Zorin as much as you can with Mint ?

  • After using Umbutnu and Lubutnu as secondary systems for years, I was contemplating using Mint or Zorin as a replacement for Win7. I ended up switch over to Manjaro on my primary desktop and KDENeon on the laptop. However I think Zorin is a great choice for those who never used Linux.

  • Very good video @InfinitelyGalactic. For everyone who is interested: a dedicated of Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon videos playlist:

  • Is there a Linux distro that resembles Win 7 Pro with: NO SLEEP mode for the MB and SSD, active PREVIEW PANES, NOT FOUND msg when searching, ANTICIPATORY TYPING, partially transparent menus with 3D borders fading in/fading out – and – hide/reveal task bar?

  • I love the look of zorin os,mint looks so ugly it hurts my eyes.Need to research how to get the look and functionality (more apps) of zorin os on mint.

  • AnonAnon

    Author Reply


  • Most linux distros are horrible looking

  • Linux Mint Cinnamon is better

  • Zorin OS hands down. Probably one of the best distros ever. Mint just felt so boring and Windows 95 like even before I got into Linux.

  • zorin didnt have discord app in the app store

  • Zorin broken

  • This dudes my school teacher

  • Results obtained by non-Australians may differ

  • I came over from Windows First thing i downloaded was Google Crome, first problem, the top Tool Bar is only 4 mm or so wide also the Side bar when brousing is narrow as Fuck, 2 important things for me, why on earth are those so narrow, i went into all the settings could not find any way of Increasing the width of the Brousing top Bar or side. so Back to my Windows…

  • Any suggestions on which Linux distro to use for a dedicated Plex server box? Possibly running a RAID array. Thanks

  • I just bought a HP Zbook G3 for $20. It has an Intel Core i7-6700HQ with Intel HD graphics 530, 16gb of ddr4 ram, and I changed out the spinning 500gb hard drive for a crucial 500 gb SSD. I installed Zorin OS 15 the free version. And I love it. But I want to make it into a gaming laptop. Should I get a discrete graphics card like the Nvidia Quadro m2000m? Or should I get an eGPU box and used a thunderbolt 3 port? Has anybody used one of these on Linux? I can play most of my steam games but I'm very low.

  • What a great time to be alive, yeah right! I miss the days when our personal computers belonged to us and were controlled by us! Why does Linux Mint work so much like Windows? Because Microsoft has assimilated and now controls this distro. We invested too much in Linux Mint before we found that out. I'm trying to determine if Zorin OS has been assimilated also. Linux distros can't work just like Windows without having accepted drivers and other files from Microsoft. If so, Windows users may as well stick with Windows. If you don't believe that our computers must be our computers, just stick with Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, or any Linux distro that is being assimilated by Microsoft.

  • i recently installed zorin os 15 on my laptop a asus vivobook flip (a 2 in one pc ) but for some reason the keyboard does not work at all only the on screen keyboard does.
    if anyone here knows how to fix this issue please tell me because i realy would like to use Linux

  • This is just a random question (real random) but how would I download an emulator onto my laptop? Mainly an emulator that can play the game "Kirby Super Star Ultra" on the DS. I actually have never used and emulator either w
    Also, Kirby is the name you should know. He is the star of the show.

  • Hi,
    I got a fairly modern laptop that uses Intel(R) Wireless-AC 9260 160MHz
    The problem is, no linux distro is able to work with that. Tried centos, ubuntu, mint. Tried non free software for linux offered by intel, tried stackexchange and reddit experts advice. But I can't for the life of me get into internet.
    I guess windows is the only thing I should be using for now. Any helps?

  • Hi! I really like your distro reviews. Can you make review of new Manjaro 19 MATE beta that just came out? I'm sure you'll really like it.

  • linux sucks, its not for general folks.
    you need some sort of computer science expertise to handle this shit.
    I'm fallowing linux since last 20 year's, it has improved, but there are issues, which are remain.
    even winxp is better.

  • Always loved Zorin 15 Ultimate curious to see their next move. Good to see more and more people talk about it.

  • Zorin OS looks modern and attractive but i have never tried it. i tried both linux mint cinnamon and mate. for my device mate seems bugless, cos i seem to have brightness bug on cinnamon

  • Simple, not complicated, and most of all agreeable regarding explaining the differences between the 2 distro. Good job!
    I do like to make a request regarding language setting, especially about the keyboard layout… I still struggle

  • I know people love mint, but I'm just not a mint fan. Mint is great if you loved windows XP. It has about the same look and feel, and about the same functionality. Even down to being just a little clunky and certainly not adapting to 2k and 4k video well. You can't even adjust the window borders and buttons to function correctly. So I've got to give it to Zorin all day. It was nice, mint had a good run but I think it's about to be replaced unless they really change direction and get on top of things.