Lập Trình Linux

The Complete Linux LPIC-1 Certification Course Free Preview Exams 101-102

Everything you need to get started learning Linux is included in this free screen capture HD video tutorial course! Begin with the basics and Learn some of or more Advanced Projects Right away!

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Here is a complete list of what the course includes so you can find your way around it quickly and easily!

The Complete Linux LPIC-1 Certification Course Exams 101-102

1:34 Introduction: Welcome To The Complete Linux LPIC-1 Certification Course Exams 101-102

6:20 Termination Processes

22:41 Scripting Basics

39:56 What Are Soft And Hard Links?

56:24 Managing Bootloaders GRUB GRUB2

1:11:33 Encrypting Data Through GPG


Lập Trình Linux
Настройки UEFI и Secure Boot для загрузки Linux, использование двух систем на одном компьютере
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  • Hi, I have a question, in order to get lpic1 certification , should i pass LPI essential certification through LPI dot org ? Thanks

  • I have just passed my LPIC 101-400 using this video and he is very good solute.

  • Suggestion; Thanks for this course. It's one of the few that don't put me to sleep. I suggest full screen and zoomed so folks can watch on phone when out. Alot of landscape is wasted with paint menu and terminal could be zoomed. Include english subtitle. Also, cleaner handwriting. It looks like scribble.

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