The New iPad Pro 2020 Reaction

Apple shows off the new iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9 for 2020. That said, it appears the new Magic Keyboard accessory has captured more attention.


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  • How could you possibly have missed this incredibly important video? – https://youtu.be/ClZb5QcKtSg

  • Watching this on my 2008 Macbook and this keyboard is better than any of the new stuff. Apple doesn't make them like they used to. Also I have tons of ports, upgradable RAM and storage, and a replacable battery, BOOYAH

  • Do you have an unboxing video of that amazing microphone stand ????????????

  • 3:23 applish people 😂

  • I am sure that noone will criticise this comment

  • 2020 ipad pro ahem you meen iphone 11 chunky boi version

  • Did you guys see the MOFT X for Phones? You made a video about their "invisible' laptop stand on Kickstarter. I would love if you checked this product out!

  • Doing applish things😆😄

  • But does it scratch at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7

  • Hey Lew, why won't you try out the IQOO 3 5G smartphone, it's definitely worth checking.

  • Bulls Eyes – it’s a catch up business. As customers we have been begging Apple to provide mouse , because it impossible to work on spreadsheets without the bloody mouse. They kept saying , iPads don’t support mice!
    Always late

  • Lou why did u switch back to the Mac ?

  • Really I love the ipad

  • Thanks sir, by the way i like the way u review the devices

  • Wasn't Lidar used by archeologists to see through the ground and discovered ancient stuff or sumthin

  • wow i really liked the new iPad Pro 2020 i really want to have one but its quite expensive i can't afford it

  • Hey.. this is kinda out of the topic based on ur content..
    Quick question can iphone really unlock with face Id if there are 2 people in this world who are identical (twins)
    I think uh should really make a video on this and clarify it.. since I saw a bunch of video about it..

  • What I will say, the iPad Pro looks sick considering Apple was quarantined.

  • Imagine everyone who saw this Subscribed to My Channel. I wouldn’t know how to react 😭

  • Everyone interested in ipad pro
    Ak louis interested in keyboard always

  • please try the brand new huawei nova 7i

  • The only reason I watched this video is to see the outrageous price apple would charge for it…..I was not disappointed.

  • Can you do a video on the UE Hyperboom?

  • Idiot, reviewing a product you do not have.

  • Love the video bro. 🙌🏽

  • it also uses usb c

  • using a camera on the ipad has always been the cringiest thing ever. But I am a photographer. I hope this will get adobe suites support and run a more computer like version of Lightroom so I can buy this instead of a macbook pro.

  • Apple needs to move the keyboard to the lesser iPad line like the Mini

  • “Apple looking people”

  • Why does this not even "sympathetic" 🤣 guy has 1.5m views?!?!

  • I just need something to play games on, school stuff especially now since we’re homeschooled, downloading or editing videos, YouTube. Budget $1,200. I’m really liking this but… Suggestions !?!?!? Greatly appreciated thanks 🙏🏼

  • Think right now ill pick food.

  • Wassup I am wondering( if the note9 have reversed charging?)thank you for being there with use especially in this time

  • The iPad Pro is really a pro device if you are an artist. The best device for drawing I’ve ever used.