The Untold Truth Of Idris Elba's Gorgeous Daughter, Isan

This British treasure is one one of the most talented and versatile actors working in film and TV today, and, okay, we’ll say it, one of the most handsome, too.


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  • What do you think of Isan Elba?

  • I can tell she doesn't like Hollywood at all he nominated her like throwing her in ..you can tell she isn't phoney and fake….she don't even want the clout around her dad name and I love it smart young woman her mom did absolutely wonderful

  • She’s drop dead gorgeous

  • I didn't know Idris Elba had a daughter, she's pretty. She's good looking just like daddy.

  • She is Beautiful!

  • Shes iight lml

  • She's a beautiful girl

  • His daughter look older than his wife. She's gorgeous!

  • OMG! I didn't know we had the opportunity to tell God how we wanted to look before we were born. If we did then maybe she wouldn't get nasty comments from faceless idiots judging her appearance under a YouTube video (sarcasm) 😒😒😒

  • Beautiful young lady. Just like his father and mum

  • Awww, she’s sweet and beautiful!!!

  • He has a black gorgeous daughter looks just like his fine butt 🤣

  • Sorry but she’s not exactly gorgeous.

  • You shouldn't worry about it unless you have something to hide says a lot of the innocent black man sitting in prison right now because of lies

  • Gorgeous? She pretty but not so much

  • Such a beautiful young lady

  • No one is ugly , we are all made in the image of the almighty, God made everything beautiful and we are all his creation , think twice before you make laugh of his work

  • So she can't just support mental health……she only wants to support BLACK mental health. Racist much??

  • He's english african
    From Sierra Leonne. Our beautiful chocolate. His daugther is really gorgeous.j'aime Idriss.

  • She very beautiful. Looks like her dad.🙂

  • She’s so beautiful 😍

  • These comments are trash! She’s beautiful!

  • I've Mental health I suffer with depression but only matters when celebrity kid has it .

  • I'd hit it

  • K PK P

    Author Reply

    As a therapist I am so proud of her more young ppl need to realize that it’s not a bad thing!

  • Those family genes are strong! 👸🏾🤴🏾

  • She is fine

  • Oh, she’s half Asian? Blasian as the kids say

  • She does look like her dad.

  • i love how she brings up mental health as something as a community
    we do need too bring awareness because its very important
    growing up in poverty i knew i wanted too give back too my community somehow
    i am now working at a youth center teaching graphic design to teens and arts/crafts too children its a blessing GOD is paying every single day spiritually
    no money or material items can replace this wonderful feeling inside my heart

  • Thank God for make up, weave and eye lash

  • And Idris Elba gets Coronavirus I wonder if his daughter still looks pretty now

  • Bravo Black Excellent 😄😁🥰 she's Beautiful and her Dad is Fine😁😍🤩


  • Beautiful young lady.

  • R AR A

    Author Reply

    I clicked on this video just to say I saw the thumbnail. She's ugly af

  • Beautiful girl!

  • Yeah…Not very easy on the eyes…

  • Idris is a RACIST…

  • I love this channel so much

  • Early🤗